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Stereotypes Assignment Help Stereotypes are qualities assigned to groups of people related to their gender, sexual orientation, culture, nationality and race. Stereotype means fixed generalized belief about class of people or a particular group. For example, individual person those met few individuals from a particular country and developed ideology or stereotype about the whole country people. Generally, these beliefs can be positive and negative such as particular nationalities are stereotyped as friendly or unfriendly (Burrows, 2005). Stereotypes can be categorized the people based on certain factors such as to identify threats, friends, relatives and other people those can interact with them in society. Stereotype characteristics are presented in every person because human being nature creates the image of group on their mind of the basis of its personal judgment. Human beings group people and a make judgment about them without knowing them. In every day social interaction, every person categorizes other people on the basis of race, gender, age and class. Stereotype exists in every society because every person define group on the basis of his/her personal experiences and views (Schneider, 2003). Stereotyping can go around in circle such as women stereotype men and men stereotype women. The same thing happens with different racial or nationalized groups such as white or black people, European and non-European people etc. Stereotypes are positive and negative both types those are generally have impressions on particular social group or race. People prejudge and discriminate group without knowing of real attributes or characteristics of the stereotyped group that is the main reason of generating negative stereotypes (Chestnutt, 2010). Negative stereotypes can cause of misunderstanding, struggles, pain and war. Following are different stereotypes encountered in life: First Stereotype: One of my friends is teacher and he believes that Islamic religion people are intelligent.


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He believes that children belong to a particular group are highly intelligent rather than other religion group (Richardson, 2009). But in his students, a particular Islamic religion child suffers from a learning disability and struggles to keep up. My teacher friend could not support the student in class because it stereotype that this particular group student are intelligent that impact on the performance of child in class. He assumed that his poor marks are because of his parent’s laziness and could not work to discover or improve his learning disability. Second Stereotype: One of the stereotypes that I always heard in America is that black men don’t like to do work. Due to this stereotype, American people or enterprises do not prefer to recruit black group people. This stereotype impacts on the black group people such as black men in America suffer from the highest rates of unemployment. Black men are ready to work at less wages or remunerations and give extra time to work with no incentives (Wooten, 2006). This stereotype increases the stress, mental illness and pressure on black people in America to perform well. Higher stress, pressure and unemployment impact on the living standard of black people. Third Stereotype: One of the stereotypes that I commonly heard that Irish people drink all of the time.


Ireland country pub culture is known in worldwide and it contributed to the stereotype that Irish people are drunker. One of my friends stereotypes that due to alcoholic nature, Irish people cannot care for their family and social life. It impacts on the culture and life of people of country. He believes that drinking habits impact on the education and the professionalization culture of the country (DiGaetani, 2008). He also believes that Irish people cannot give better life style of their family members due to spending higher amount of income in drinking. But after the reading the report of Ireland’s National Documentation Centre On Drug Use, his thinking about the Irish people has been changed. According to this report, alcohol consumption per capital in country has rapidly goes down in each year that impact on the thinking of my friends about the Irish people drinking habits and their life style. I argue that my friend stereotype that Islamic region children are intelligent. It is a negative stereotype because particular religion intelligence cannot be evaluated on the basis of some people’s intelligence.


We cannot generate the stereotypes for whole religions people on the basis of some people behaviors or natures (Andersen & Taylor, 2007). My friend did not consider the Islamic child’s mental health position and blame for his laziness due to its stereotype that affected the performance this student in class. In context of second stereotype, I feel there is no fault of black main but old black men have high rates of cardiovascular disease. The health related issues impact on the habits and working behaviors of them. Fitness related aspects impact on the working style and habits of people that is not considered by American people. Main mistake of this argument is that climate and culture differences are not considered that are the basic reasons for the performance of black people (Wooten, 2006). Weather or climate differences effect on the health of the people, so that are the main impact on the performance of black people in America. In support of third stereotype, pub culture of Ireland and government support of pub, cuisine or bar contributed to the stereotype that Irish people consume more beers and wines. But during the support of third stereotype, I did not consider that Irish people also enjoy the camaraderie and their priorities for family. People traditional and culture also contributed to this stereotype that cannot be find in this argument (Wilson, 2005).


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