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Stress Management Assignment Help Stress Management

In today’s competitive market environment, employees within the organization feel stressed due to heavy workload. It has been analyzed that there are more stress in today in comparison to the past generation. People in the past do not have many responsibilities and they live their life happily and easily. In comparison, today people have lot of responsibilities and they have limited resources in order to fulfill their basic needs. Further our stress management case study assignment help experts said that, due to high level of competition, people face various problems such as loss of job, transfer, etc.

These types of situation have created stress among the people in today’s generation. It has been identified that feeling of powerlessness is the major cause of job stress. Organizations have adopted various strategies in order to manage the stress within the organization (Greenberg, 2006). Organizations are focusing towards building the healthy and supportive working environment. It is helpful in overcoming with the problem of stress among employees. Healthy and supportive working environment will motivate the employees for better and improved performance. Various companies have also introduced the workshops for reducing the stress problems among the people. In these workshops, manager provides the guidance regarding the relaxation and other methods of removing stress. In order to reduce the stress, employees should also develop the feeling of compromise. As per strategy case study assignment help experts,this strategy will be helpful in getting better satisfaction and helpful in reducing the stress (Hiriyappa, 2012).

Further, proper time management is also the efficient strategy to reduce the stress within the workplace and other areas as well. With the help of this, companies can be able to accomplish the task on proper time and also can be able to minimize the pressure of heavy workload. Therefore, it is necessary for the people to reduce stress in order to live healthy and happy life. It has been analyzed that many organizations have provided the stress free work environment to their employees in order to motivate them for better performance. Over the past decades, stress is the major problem for large number of organizations. Due to the stress, companies have to face several problems such as reduces productivity and increase management pressures. In order to reduce the stress, companies have used the strategies such as work breakdown structure. With the help of this, large project can be broken into different parts and work can be allocated accordingly, which in turn is helpful in reducing the responsibilities of the employees. For example, Marine Insurance Company has conducted the study on identifying the reasons of stress. Through this, company can be able to take the corrective measures for the employees. Moreover, company has started the employee and management education on job stress (Linden, 2004). Company has also changed its hospital policies in order to reduce the different sources of stress. Apart from this, company has also established the employee assistance program in order to provide guidance to the employees regarding stress management.

Through the stress management techniques, company has achieved its aims and objectives in an efficient manner. It is identified that in order to sustain in the competitive market environment, organizations have to adopt the stress management techniques. Companies have to adopt the different strategies in order to manage the stress in the companies such as promote job enrichment and job rotation, use effective hiring and orientation procedure, encourage employee participation in decision making, etc. All these strategies will be useful for the organizations in overcoming with the problem of stress among the employees. Therefore, it is necessary for the companies to focus towards employee satisfaction and provide healthy working environment (Hicks & Caroline, 2007).

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