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Healthcare Financing Assignment Help Role of Regulatory Agencies

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMA) and State Departments of health etc are some of the major healthcare agencies, which provide necessary information about the health status, cost and quality of health care, which is effective to improve the healthcare delivery models. CMS and other departments of health are important to administer the Medicare program through a partnership with state government by facilitating administrative standards, which are effective to enhance the healthcare service delivery (, 2013). Similarly as per assignment experts, state departments of health promote the healthcare through initiating policies and research programs, which also foster the ability to develop healthcare delivery models in healthcare sector of US (State Health Departments and Services, 2010). It is because these programs are effective to identify the new ways of service delivery in less cost with higher quality.


Sources of Financing According to healthcare business assignment help experts,there are different sources of financing are available for a healthcare organization as below: Equity financing: It is the major source of financing for healthcare organization, which includes government grants, internally generated funds from insurance, sale of real estate, philanthropy etc. This source of financing is effective to reduce the cost of operations, which is significant to improve the delivery of healthcare services (Zelman, McCue & Glick, 2009). Similarly, the healthcare organization will also be effective to improve the new source of capital, which would also be effective to increase service delivery of the organization. Accumulated revenue from operations: The Medicare products and services are important sources of finance for a healthcare organization. An organization performs several functions and operations to deliver the healthcare services to patients. For these services, the healthcare organization charges some amounts, which can be use by it to finance its operations.

This amount is effective to increase the quality of healthcare services by increasing the delivery (Neun). It is because higher quality and effective Medicare services are significant to increase the revenue from patients for services. Support from Medicare regulatory agencies: The regulatory agencies also support the healthcare organizations with some grants and subsidies with a partnership of state or regional government. This source of financing is the most effective to improve the delivery of healthcare services as these agencies initiate various policies and standards to improve the healthcare services (Baker & Baker, 2009). Along with this, this source also facilitates the research aspect, which is significant to improve the healthcare services delivered by an organization.   References Baker, J. & Baker, B. (2009). Health Care Finance (3rd ed.). USA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. (2013). Retrieved from: Neun, S.P. (n.d.). Source of healthcare funding throughout the globe. Economic Interactions with Other Disciplines, 1. 1-6. State Health Departments and Services. (2010). Retrieved from: Zelman, W.N., McCue, M.J. & Glick, N.D. (2009). Financial Management of Health Care Organizations: An Introduction to Fundamental Tools, Concepts and Applications (3rd ed.). USA: John Wiley & Sons. Get 100% original and quality business and health care case study assignment help services from our experts. We assure you that you will get complete assignment help within the deadline and our experts  have 15 years experience of proving assignment help to US,UK and Australia students.