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The CEO asked you to have lunch with him and explain exactly how you, in your role, could help the firm achieve a competitive advantage through improved supply chain management. He asked you to discuss the following specific points with him:

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  • What supply chain management refers to and how it might differ between service type businesses and product type businesses, and between retail and manufacturing type businesses.
  • How you would assess whether a firm has an effective versus ineffective supply chain?

Give and explain one example of a firm with an effective supply chain and one with an ineffective supply chain.

Supply Chain Management Assignment Help The supply chain management (SCM) refers to methods that are used to make effective supply through reducing stock and delivery time. Supply chain of the company can be managed properly by using information related to production capacity of the company. Supply chain management helps to make availability of resources and deliver the product and services to the customers at right place on right time (Kersten, Blecker & Jahn, 2011). Supply chain management might differ between service type businesses and product type businesses. In product type business, SCM focuses on physical product with a larger group of suppliers, while in supply type business; it concentrates on office supplies with a smaller range of suppliers. In concern of inputs, cost of production labor involves procurement, transportation and manipulation of physical material into product. In service business, this cost expends on manipulation of information and maintenance of customers relationship. Apart from this, in production organization, supply chain is through improvement in speed of delivery and reduction in cost (Wang & Koh, 2010). On the other hand  supply chain case study assignment help experts says that, relationships and floe of information are major considerations in optimization of service business. Additionally, in production business, SCM emphasizes on logistics in perspective of movement of physical material from one place to another, while in service business, there is delivery of information from one site to another.


Therefore, there is need to better negotiation for transportation of physical material in production business. In service business, it is required to upgrade the software and other source of information in order to improve the speed of flow of information (Wang, Heng & Chau, 2007). For retail business, supply chain focuses on distribution network because success of retail business depends on investment in flow of merchandise through its network. In manufacturing business, equipments, raw materials and finished products are major parts of investment in supply chain management. In addition our business assignment helper says that, supply chain network of retail business is very large because it consists of multiple warehouses, stores and different retail locations. On the other hand, network of manufacturing business has some warehouses, factories and production sites. Manufacturing business has longer lead time, while retail business can be flexible due to having shorter lead time (Sople, 2009). There may be different factors such as delivery time, customer satisfaction, inventory control, quality of product, etc. that should be considered in order to make effective supply chain management. An effective supply chain consists includes a proper management of logistics and inventory in order to fulfill the demands of the customers on time. Strong customer service including availability of quality products when needed is crucial for building an effective supply chain (Waters, 2010). If a firm delivers quality of products and services as per the demand of the customers with the help of its inventory control and logistics management, it can be able to have effective supply chain leadership in market. For example, Wal-Mart uses different technologies in order to make the supply chain more effective. It makes available all raw materials to production department on time and delivers its products and services to the customers on time that makes customer happy and give competitive advantage in market (Branch, 2008). In contrast to this, ineffective supply chain has poor customer service because of improper supply of goods and services to the customer. Along with this SCM case study assignment help , companies also deliver poor quality of products to the customers due to having inappropriate control on their inventory and logistic infrastructure. It affects their production cost, revenues and profits in adverse manner. For example, Kellogg has an ineffective supply chain that creates problems for the company in order to satisfy the customers. Due the competition in the market, company is unable to deliver products on time to the right customers that create problems for the supply chain practices of the company (Larsen, Schary & Mikkola, 2007).


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