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Talent Management Plan: Talent management plan is the program, which make effective utilization of all the talents within the organization. In this paper, staffing plan and talent management plan for electric power company has been discussed. Further, employee improvement plan is also developed in this assignment help paper. 

Staffing Plan: Staffing plan is helpful for the employers in order to analyze and respond to staffing gaps. It is necessary for every organization to develop the staffing plan in order to recruit the appropriate number of employees.

In the staffing plan, company has to forecast the demand of product and services. After analyzing the demand, company identifies the future supply of products to the market. Further, gap between the demand and supply is measured and accordingly staffing plan is developed. This process is helpful in recruiting the right candidate for the right job. Further, employees are also able to serve the customer’s needs for electric power. Staffing plan is necessary in order to overcome with the future issues such as loss of staff, changing labor market and lack of employee engagement.

Financial Implications: Company has to maintain the sound image as an excellent employer in the competitive market environment. While maintaining such position, company has to face various financial implications. In order to be competitive, company has to adopt the advance technology which increases the efficiency of the services and develop the competitive advantage. Earlier,

company has to incur large amount of financial and human resources in order to move from house to house in each month to log information for billing purpose. This process incur large amount of cost and time. With the change in technology, company has reduced the overall time consumed in meter reading process. Technological advancement has eliminated the need for many employees. Further, employees have to retrain for other positions in the company.

Organization Talent Management Program: Company has developed the talent management program in order to manage the recruitment, performance management, learning and development and compensation management program. All these areas need to be managed in order to achieve the organizational goals effectively. In the past, company has to recruit the many people, who read meters. Nowadays, companies have to recruit the employees, who have excellent skills of reading the meters through computer. Technological advancement has created the gap between previous talent management and current talent management program. Organizations have to recruit the employees, who have competent skills to serve customer’s need for electric power. Currently, company has recruited the children and grandchildren of former employees within the business environment. This strategy of talent management is helpful in developing the close family ties to the company as well as sense of loyalty.

Interventions to Mitigate Gap: Company can mitigate the gap by adopting the effective talent management program. Company should analyze the overall talent within the organization structure and accordingly allocation of human resource should be done. In addition to this, allocation of human resource according to the skills and knowledge is helpful in achieving the mission in an effective manner. Further, these gaps can be fulfilled with the training and development program for the employees. Training and development is helpful in understanding the changing external environment. Moreover our assignment helper says that, employees are also able to accept the new cultures and technologies and explore the various from outside environment. It has been analyzed that recruiting the employees from other countries is also helpful in reducing the cost. All these interventions are helpful in mitigating the gaps in the talent management program. Further, company is also able to maintain its reputation as excellent employer in the community.

Plan to Direct Individuals: Companies have to make the effective plan in order to provide the employment to the employees, who have served the organization well but they are not appropriate for further promotion. In such type of plan, company should outsource these employees in the developing country. This strategy is helpful in providing employment to individuals, who are not suitable for the company in future improvement. Outsourcing of employees is also useful in making the development of companies in the developing countries. Further, companies should also provide training facilities to employees. Moreover, company should provide training through the institutions, workshops, seminars, coaching, etc. In addition to this, manager in the company, who has competent skills, can also provide training to employees for further development. It has been analyzed that in performance improvement plan, company should prepare the employee, provide development opportunities, monitor progress and create confidence.

Effectiveness of Plan: Employee development plan is useful for the company in developing the skills of employees. Process that has been adopted for employee improvement is useful in analyzing the further requirement of employees. With the help of this, company can be able to maintain the staff planning. It has been analyzed that employee improvement plan is useful in making the effective utilization of human resource in the company. Company should integrate the employee improvement plan with its goals and objectives. Company is focused towards providing the safe environment, fairness and respect to customers, employees, shareholders and partners.

Conclusion: From the above discussion by assignment help experts, it has been analyzed that human resource plays an important role in achieving the aims and objectives of the companies. Effective talent management program is useful in making the appropriate recruitment of employees.

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