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Amazon’s Competitive Position Assignment Help is an American multinational electronic commerce company that operates world’s largest online retailer. Amazon is the largest online retailer in US that is started as an online bookstore but soon diversified in selling computer, video games, electronics, toys, CDs, DVDs, MP3, furniture, food, etc. Company’s market share is rapidly increasing and intensely becoming competitive. In 2010, company’s fourth-quarter sales went up 36% to $12.95 billion in America that represents that company assured its market position as the world’s largest online retailer company.

Amazon is the largest online retailer globally with over 280 million visitors in a single month that is approximately 20% of total global visitors. Amazon now covers one-third (33%) of e-commerce market in US and it is continuously increasing its share in market. Amazon also dominates the e-book market with approximate share of 50% sales in market. As per assignment help research company’s market share is high, but the competition has increased rapidly in global market that may impact its competitive position in online retail industry. Other online e-commerce and mobile e-commerce sites including sites that sell or distribute products in global world are increasing rapidly in this industry. A number of indirect competitors such as web portals, shopping websites and web search engines impact on the competitive position of in online retail industry. Amazon maintains its position in competitive market through focusing on quality, speed and reliability of its products, services and tools.


It may secure better terms for vendors, retailers by adopting more aggressive pricing and technological resources and marketing to strength its competitive positions in industry. Company provides protection to customers from cybercrime through developing own technology that also helps it to maintain competitive position. Invest in Amazon cannot the better option in context of investors’ point of view. Company’s net income in 2011 ($631 in million) has reduced approximately 50% in compare to 2010 ($1,152 in million) that does not represent the good position of company in market for investment (, Inc,). Currently, Amazon’s profit earnings (P/E) ratio is quite troubling (313.61) that also indicate higher risk position of company. High P/E ratio indicates that investment in Amazon will not be beneficial for investor point instead of its higher growth in industry in terms of market share and customer base (Yahoo Inc). Decline in revenue indicates that company’s financial position is not good, so investment in Amazon is not beneficial for investors.


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