Tips on Saving Assignment Documents

The word files are created and saved in word processing program, i.e., Microsoft Word. Since 2013, the formatting of saved files has been changed. For example, A file created in Word 2013 will be saved as *.docx and not as *.doc. If you do not have Word, you save your file by using any other program and Microsoft Office can be purchased at a student discounted rate. If Microsoft Office is unable to get purchased, the student can use Microsoft web apps.

Microsoft Office 2016 which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can be purchased from any store in order to save Microsoft files. It must be noted that the licensed copy of the program need to be purchased and installed in one computer. The student is also authorized to purchase software from Microsoft which offers educational version called Office University 365 (Office 2016) for $79.95. In this case, it is necessary to have Microsoft (OneDrive) account. This subscription is up to 4 years and can be installed in 2 computers simultaneously. helps for students studying in AustraliaUKUSAUAE, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand for Any topic assignments.

A free OneDrive account with 5GB storage and web apps is offered by Microsoft which is very useful in storing documents in “Cloud”. When Office University 365 is purchased, free Microsoft OneDrive space from 5 GB to 1 TB is offered to students. OneDrive resources are Microsoft OneDrive which requires MS live account, OneDrive on Web which usually access the Word, Excel and PowerPoint, sharing files and photos where sharing is done through Skydrive account, OneDrive and Office work together, and OneDrive on phone. Google Docs/Drive allows creating assignment and saving them in “Cloud” or Google Drive. To use Google Drive, the student must have Google account.

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