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Python is an object oriented, interpreted and a high level language. The python language is considered most modular language with plug and play libraries for almost all fields of computer. Python is an open source project so it is free to use and also the community support behind the language is huge and it get updated pretty regularly.

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There are 2 major versions of the language that are in play

  1. 1 is python
  2. 2.x.x and
  3. the other one is 3.x.x

The change from version 2 to 3 was huge so the people got divided in two groups one that liked and got used to the python 2 syntax and the others who were on board with the new and shorter syntax. The python community was nice enough to keep the both version alive and give support to both the python 2 series and python 3 series although according to me the python 2 will be phased out slowly.

Python in education:

Most of the Universities very quickly realized the potential of the python language and now have included the python language in their courses. Most of the university at least includes basic python in their course because there is so many field of computer science that we can pursue using python by just learning the libraries. The only prerequisite for that is that you have to have basic knowledge of python inerrable, loops and data types. Python have libraries and frameworks for many fields like data science, tinted for GUI development, pyramid you guessed it.. for  game development and tensor flow for artificial intelligence for AI.

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