Tourism Management Essay Help on Legalizing Gaming

Tourism Management Essay Help on Legalizing Gaming Arguments to Support the Legalizing Gaming Bill As per tourism management essay case study help experts, In today’s environment, legalizing gaming or

gambling helps the governments to attract tourists in the country. With the help of this, a country can increase its funds as well as improve the infrastructure to motivate local people to gain more profits through the tourism. Most of the governments established legalizing gaming legislation that supports them to raise funds. Through the legislation of gaming, government can also able to make more effective control over the gaming zones in the country. This legislation can also provide the guidelines to the gaming zone owners in their taxes. This can be helpful for the government to increase in funds and use these funds to resolve the budget problems in significant ways (Goeldner & Ritchie, 2009). Introduction of legalizing gaming legislation can also be helpful for the government to improve employment opportunity in the country. It is because through the legalizing of gaming, owners can recruit more employees or people to manage different gaming zones. Through this, government can also improve funds and solve the budget problems (Kush, 2010).

Opposition of the Bill In order to introduce any new bill in the country, there is also some oppositions or critics that influence the legislation to implement effectively in the country. In the case of legalizing gaming bill, it would be expected that some people may create arguments in opposition that influence the implementation of this bill throughout the country. In this case, people will argue that by the bill, gambling will increase that is not good for the country and the society. They will also argue that this bill also increase the illegal activities in the country that influence the behavior of people and will also increase crime in the country. There would also be an opposition of this will that by implementing of this bill in the country, the bankruptcies will also rise because gambling can make people addictive to spend or gamble more money that influence the society as well as family members in negative manner (Pierce & Miller, 2004).

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