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Training plays pivotal role to increase favorability of employees towards organizational culture and to accomplish its goals effectively. Training and development plays an important role to determine the success of an organization as it increases employees’ efficiency and consequently their contribution towards achieving organizational goals. In case of Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart provides effective training and development to its employees by focusing on ‘people come first’ style in the system. In this  assignment help paper, Wal-Mart’s procedure to analyze training needs for introducing effective training programs, training methods, use of internal and external resources for training, several training programs and their effectiveness will be explained.


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The ways of talent development, values that are placed by organization on training & development and role of training and development in organizational effectiveness will also be described. Training Needs Analysis The training need is identified by Wal-Mart by analyzing organization effectively. For the purpose of training needs analysis, SWOT analysis is optimized by Wal-Mart in its organization system. By understanding the importance of leadership development and diversity, training is designed for associates. In addition, customers experience and analysis is also major determinant of training needs in Wal-Mart. The training needs are also identified by Wal-Mart to cover changing behavior of customers in an effective manner. The effective training needs analysis assists for sustaining competitive advantage in contemporary environment.


Training Methods used by Wal-Mart: Wal-Mart optimizes both on-the-job and off-the-job training methods in its organizational system. Wal-Mart uses job rotation as on-the job training by rotating management trainees through three or more departments of the store such as customer service, HR, credit etc. during first two years of the job. At the same time, mentoring from existing leaders are also optimized by Wal-Mart as on-the-job training method through which organizational leaders such as store managers, district managers, regional vice presidents etc. share their knowledge, skills and experience with new employees. On the other hand, our business assignment help experts stated that, as an off-the-job training method, Wal-Mart uses online or web-based training, schooling or institutes and classroom training etc. to improve knowledge, skills, a capability of individuals that assist to increase organizational efficacy.


Use of Internal and External Resources: As internal sources to assist with training, Wal-Mart uses all available resources of the organization such as men, money, material and machines effectively to reach on effective outcomes of training. Existing leaders and their innovativeness are optimized by Wal-Mart for the purpose of training to new or existing employees. As external resources, guest lecturers, recognition consultant are used by Wal-Mart to develop interpersonal communication and skills of organizational employees to compete effectively in globalized era.


Training Programs for Orientation, Diversity & Harassment: As per training and development in Wal-Mart assignment help experts, As a training program for orientation, Wal-Mart uses business simulation as beginning of orientation program in which new employees play role of customer for the purpose of identifying customers expectations. In addition, The Audio Store Discovery Tour is also used by Wal-Mart to share past experiences of organization with associates. The CBL (Computer-based Learning), Total Talent Management (TTM) are used as diversity training program to bring together the organization while operating the business in more than 2000 locations of the world. In addition, our assignment helper stated that Equal Employment Opportunity Training is also provided by Wal-Mart to its associates. In this, certain protections such as sexual harassment act, The Americans with Disability act etc. are shared with associates to prevent unlawful activities in the business.


Unique Training Program: Wal-Mart uses Business Leadership Series (BLS) as a unique training program in its system. It is a flagship executive development program. BLS is used to increase leadership competencies and business knowledge of organizational officers.


Measurement of Training Effectiveness: The organization measures the effectiveness of training program by measuring different aspects of individuals, who are trained. After the successful completion of training programs, the improvement in job-related skills, knowledge etc. of individuals is identified by the organization. For the evaluation of training effectiveness, organization compares employees’ previous performance with a current productivity of individuals. At the same time, it is also evaluated through the analysis of improvement in customer services, improvement in interpersonal communication, productivity and proficiency, the way of optimizing resources etc.


The Ways of Talent development: For the purpose of talent development, Wal-Mart uses mentoring from existing leaders to new employees that increase quality of job-related skills, knowledge etc. Assistant Management Training (AMT) is used as the way of talent development for organizational managers that leads to provide an opportunity for career development (Store Training & Development, 2011). It assists to continuous learning; increase in quality of leadership and operational training that enhances individual talent and store proficiency. In addition, Stores of Learning are also the way of talent development that is used by Wal-Mart to increase leadership qualities of managers.


Value Placement by Wal-Mart on Training & Development: On training & development, the organization develops or communicates value of organizational culture in terms of customer respect and their importance in organizational success. Business Simulation and The Audio Store Discovery Tour etc. are used by Wal-Mart to enhance individual efficacy for delivering value to customers. For example; the values for the customers’ services and honesty are placed by providing proper training and to relate it with the incentives.


Role of Training & Development: Training & development plays a pivotal role to increase the productivity of employees in an effective and efficient manner that leads to the career development of individuals. It assists to retain talents due to increase in their satisfaction level with organizational practices. At the same time, it also assists to increase in organizational efficacy that leads to increases in customer base and market expansion. The effective training system and organizational brand value assist to attract talents effectively.


Conclusion: On the basis of above discussion, it is identified that training and development programs have played important role in the success of Wal-Mart at a global level. Wal-Mart uses different training programs such as Business Simulation, AMT, BLS, TTM and Equal Employment Opportunity training etc. in its system that develops various skills among employees that are required for success. The proper trained and satisfied employees have led to increasing organizational efficacy. is the most popular website for business assignment help with affordable prices. Our assignment writes have masters and Ph.D. degrees from the international universities of Australia, UK and USA. Now students can avail 24X7 online assignment help. Our Strength:


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