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E-business is a purchasing trend that has some benefits and risks to the consumers and businesses. Assignmnt Help Services

E- Business Benefits Assignment Help: E-business is less time consuming as well as cost effective trend. Our assignment help experts says that The expansion of e-business has been due to use of e-commerce that has grown by internet use. In addition, companies use e-business to take opportunities from the international marketplace. It is beneficial for the businesses to reduce their expanses such as transportation, transaction and marketing costs. It is also profitable for the companies in saving their time that can be invested in other business operations. It is because they can trade their products and service online through internet.

In addition, e-business technology also advantageous for consumers, because they can obtain information of the products and services and can buy these products and services from their home. It is helpful for business and consumers to access the global market in easy way. It is because consumers can purchase products 24/7 through the company website. E-business also makes effective communication between the business and its stakeholders such as clients and suppliers.

E-business Risks Assignment Help: On the other hand, there are some risks in e-business that may disrupt business activities. First, it has technology related risks such as phishing, sniffing or sent the packages, scanning, denial-of-service etc. These risks are generated, when the technology is not used appropriately. In addition, relational risks are also created, if there is any dispute among the business and partners due to lack of experience and technological knowledge of e-business. There are several risks of this category such as interruption in manufacture process, disrupted cash-flows, profit loss that have direct impact on the forecasted income and business persistence. Along with this, generated risks are other risks that may be faced by the companies, if it uses e-business. These risks include low quality business procedures, environment risks and Lack of policy and standards. It is very important for the organization to reduce these risks, because they contribute a significant role in the social and economic growth of the business at worldwide.

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