Communication Assignment

Change in Health Care Communication


Technology has changed the way of communication people in different industries. Earlier, companies use to make communication through telephones, newspapers etc. With the emergence of internet people uses to make communication through emails, social networking sites etc. Through internet, consumers can make communication anywhere in the world at any time. In the healthcare industries, companies have to make changes in the communication method with the change in technology (Jones & Groom, 2011). Companies should provide twenty four hour services to the consumers anywhere in the world. Through internet, companies can also attract the consumers from different countries.


In the healthcare industries, technologies have changed the manner of communication with consumers. It is necessary for the companies to make changes according to the change in technology. With the help of this, companies can sustain in the competitive market environment and provide efficient services to the consumers.


Importance of Social Media and Technology


Social media plays an important role in capturing the large part of consumers from different countries in the global world. Through social media, companies can be able to make effective communication with consumers. Moreover, they can also conduct marketing of its services on the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. These sites are helpful in analyzing the problem areas. Moreover, companies can also target the suitable market in order to provide their services (Martin & Ghafoor, 2012). Companies can establish effective two way communication with consumers through social media.


With the help of this, consumers can also provide instant feedback to the companies about their product and services. On the basis of that, companies also make changes in its services if required. In today’s competitive market environment, it is necessary for the companies to make effective communication in order to retain the customers for long term period.