Wellness Program Assignment

Wellness Program in Bupa

Bupa is a well known healthcare organization of the United Kingdom and serves in 190 countries. Bupa works for people in areas of personal and company-financed health insurance, medical subscription products, hospitals, provide workplace health services, home health care, health assessments and chronic disease management services (Bupa, 2013). It includes one wellness program which is accessed with the aim to provide people such environment where they can feel free and can live their life healthier. Wellness plan of Bupa is getting available at Brisbane Health Experience Store which is the great way to start a journey to find healthier options for making people healthier (Bupa, 2012).

In this program, Bupa will be given one hour for consultation to develop mutual understanding between patient and wellness coach. In this plan, some questions are asked by the health consultant from patient regarding health. After the evaluation of one’s health, the plan moves towards the health assessment which devotes toward a series of tests and measurement. With the whole process, Bupa can help in assessment of patients for their current health status.  On the basis of people need the plan of wellness can be modified easily. It may include assessment of a questionnaire regarding health risk which covers key aspects of patient health and some lifestyle habits like diet, physical activity sleep and stress (Jones & Barham, 2010).

Also, this program includes total cholesterol test, blood pressure reading, blood glucose test, lung function test, fitness test. The inclusion of body composition measurement derives assessment of body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage and waist measurement etc. After the assessment of health, the plan proceeds to prepare a detailed and confidential health report. On the basis of health report, Bupa gives indication of important health factors that shows the development rate over diseases. Wellness coach will guide the patient on the basis of health reports towards identification of areas where one will like to improve (Bupa, 2013). This process will be getting along till 4 weeks and after that wellness coach call patient to see the improvement in health and if there any need to continue the plan further then one will take into consideration again.


Bupa’s wellness plan is quite effective there is some room for improvement through which people can become more aware and attentive to their health. The plan should take some more involvement of the family rather than individual. With the inclusion family member of person can develop more effective understanding between health issues and wellness coach. It is because, the family member can define the health status of person more easily, as sometimes patient cannot figure out the reason or symptoms of illness or disease (Weinberg, Cooper, Bond & Sutherland, 2010).

Along with this, the plan must be conducted by some highly professional one because nurses of coach can make some mistakes in the analysis phase. With the assessment of some highly professional one, people can get the concept of taking care from harmful environment (Kirsten & Karch, 2011). Though Bupa is working quite effectively with this wellness program but with the inclusion of recommended ways Bupa can work more effectively and efficiently.