Computer Forensics Assignment



Nowadays, computer crimes and fraudulent activities have increased in general (Bell, 2006). Business organizations are also experiencing issues due to enhanced rate of computer related crimes like, data hacking, data theft etc. With respect to these increasing computer crimes, concept of computer of forensics has emerged (Ryan, 2006). Computer Forensics is the method to investigate the digital media evidence in order to present in court (Vacca, 2005). This technology is widely used in the investigation process of computer crimes. This research will explore the challenges of using computer forensics in business organizations. There will be a discussion of challenges in using computer forensics in business organizations. Research methodology part will be also covered. Literature review part to develop to


Research Question


To identity and assess challenges of using computer forensics in business organizations is the research question of this research.


Research Methodology


The research methodology will be qualitative and descriptive methodology. Secondary research methodology will be used to address the research question (Fowler, 2002). Literature review will be used to gather pertinent and authentic data. For the literature review part, journals, articles, books and websites will be used.


Literature Review


Computer forensics is the investigation method to collect digital evidences against computer crimes (Vacca, 2005). Cyber-crimes have become a common issue for general public as well as business entities. Malicious viruses, worms, spam mails etc are creating security issues before the business organizations. According to Bell (2002), nowadays, computer crimes are increasing at high speed due to the advancement of technology. To address the issues computer crimes, use of computer forensics has emerged. Bell (2006) states, that in the digital age, it becomes a difficult task to attain and maintain integration of computer evidences. Previously, to track the evidences, software like, Encase are also used. So, it can be argued that use of computer forensics is not so old concept, but it will take time for the business organizations to understand its implications. According to Broadhurst (2006), another challenge of using computer forensics is the reluctance shown by victims regarding the computer offense.


According to Stewart (2005), weight of press attention is another challenge or barrier before the business organizations. Due to this, it is a kind of challenge for the business organizations to use or execute computer forensics into practice. Business organizations often ignore this context to maintain their status in the society. According to Stewart (2005), lack of balanced thinking is again a challenge that is faced by business organizations in using computer forensics. According to Ryan (2006), identity theft in corporate world has become a prime issue for the business organizations.


So, to address this it is vital to use computer forensics. It is also observed that business organizations assume themselves as interdependent entities, so they feel hesitation in adopting the use of computer forensics (Ryan, 2006). Implementation of computer forensics needs coordination from the part of victim, so it is again a challenge in the use of this technology in business organizations. It can be argued that lack of support, ineffective security products, reluctance by business organizations and poor thinking & coordination are some key challenges in using computer forensics in business organizations.




In this section, key findings and summary of secondary research performed on the challenges of using of computer forensics in business organizations. Implications for further study will be also discussed in this part of the research proposal.