Internet Challenges Assignment

Internet Challenges

There are various challenges and issues related to internet that a global enterprise faces. These challenges are as follow:

Securing Web Applications:

At global level, securing web applications is one of the top challenges for the organization. At international marketplace, providing simple password for the web applications creates the issues of hacking that impact on the organization and its services (Garfinkel, Spafford & Schwartz, 2011). For this, company should consider the option for certificate and multi factor authentication.

Protecting User Data:

Globally, most of the organizations are using internet to make effective communication with customers. In this, protecting the confidential data and information of customers creates issues for the company. There is a risk of sensitive and high data exposure and criminal access to that data in order to provide harm to the customers or users (Shoniregun, 2007).

User System Hijacking:

Preventing user system hijacking is also one of important issue for the global enterprise. Protecting users’ data and access codes from the various viruses, worms and Trojans is a challenging task for the company (Garfinkel, Spafford & Schwartz, 2011). Without protecting passwords and data, company may lose its customer base.

Coping of Data:


Coping of data and information by outside people is also one of the important issues that an organization may face at global level. There is always a threat that hackers or outside people may copy the information related to the company and users at any time with the help of internet (Schweitzer, 2002). This also presents security challenges for the company to protect data.

Verifying User Identity:

Verification of user identity also presents challenges for the companies at global level. In order to access the data base and company’s website, verification of user is essential to prevent the theft and fraud (Shoniregun, 2007). The less security and low level password of user creates the challenges for the company.