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Social media marketing is an important and emerging channel of promotion through social networking sites (Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing, 2010). However what are rules and guidelines for marketing on this channel are still not very clear. Most of Marketers are trying to figure what should be right marketing strategies for using this media of channel.

Research Problem

Whether companies in UK have been able to figure out what should be the right social media marketing strategies and how it should be executed?

Research Objective

  • To analyze what are the different social media marketing strategies adopted by UK companies in certain selected sectors.
  • To identify right social media marketing strategies for UK companies.
  • To propose a model of identifying right social media marketing strategies.

Literature Review

Presently use of social media marketing strategies is increasing in all over the world (Aula, 2010). Companies in UK are also following this trend of using social media marketing as a new marketing channel for them. Around 60% of UK firms have planned to invest on the use of social networking sites to promote their business (Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing, 2010). This information reflects the use of social networking sites by UK firms and it also indicates that this channel of marketing is going to be an important channel for marketers. Companies can use ssocial networking sites like Face Book, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn etc for social media marketing strategies (Aula, 2010).

Research Methodologies

The research will be qualitative. Most of this research would be based on secondary research. Standard databases like ProQuest, EBSCO, Emerald would be used. Survey through questionnaire will be used for the primary data collection and literature review will be used for secondary data collection Fowler, (Fowler, 2002). For questionnaire method, a sample size of 50 UK firms will be used. For the literature review, journal, articles, company websites and books will be used.

Ethical Considerations

Ethical code of conduct will be followed to avoid any issue and form an ethical research.

Research Limitation

In this section, limitations of the research will be covered.

Data Analysis & Findings

This section will cover analysis of data from questionnaire and literature review. Findings will be also made.


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