Online Courses Common Assignments

You are thinking to go for an online course this time. This is your first time, several questions comes to your mind. But question which occupies your attention most is what kind of assignments you will encounter. This is important to know as assignments plays a vital role in your academic career. Acquiring high grades in these assignments is very crucial.


It is important for you to know online courses common assignments. When you get aware of the types of assignments, you can easily go for online courses. But now the question is from where you will get this information. From Us! Yes, Assignment help Experts will give you the information on online courses common assignments. We are an online assignment writing company dealing with all the types of online courses assignments. So, we can help you.


  1. Research Papers – Research papers assignment is the most popular one in online courses. You need to write about research and publish your original paper. You must possess writing skills and should have expertise in your discipline. You make sure that you have access to a library of your university to succeed.
  2. Tests, Exams – Like in offline courses, here also you need to appear in online tests and exams. Although rules and regulations and testing environment depends on your institute. Some of the institutes keep an eye on their students through webcams.
  3. Video lectures/ articles/ books – Here instructors deliver the course material with a set of questions to students through articles, books and video lectures. Student can either read the material or watch its video. After reading or watching, you need to respond within the prescribed time limit.
  4. Discussion Boards – This assignment replace discussion or seminar takes place in class. It is a supplement to the coursework done on weekly basis. In this online classroom, students respond to each other. They need to submit their response before they see what their classmates have written.
  5. Journals – Online students used this assignment as a private way to interact with the instructor. Some journal topics are formal and prescribed too, but they give the chance to students to express their opinions, ideas, queries and concern for course material.
  6. Blogs – Blogs assignment presents a running public dialogue of ideas and opinions of students about a particular topic. Students are allowed to add something new to the blog and other students are allowed to comment. This assignment proves very helpful for online students.
  7. Case Studies – Case studies are popular not only in offline courses but in online courses too. In online course you will get a video or assigned reading depicts a real example of the concepts which gives you all the details and information. These case study assignments are constructed well, this allows students to define and understand problems, research and optimal solutions.
  8. Wikis – This type of assignment is useful when work is to be done in a group. Students can do changes in a shared document or comment on them (Assignment Help Wikipedia). This is done to write questions based on research, to create task lists or to begin discussions.
  9. Adaptive assignments – These days adaptive learning becomes very popular, especially in subjects like Science and Maths. So, you will get self paced adaptive assignments too.

Now you are aware of online courses common assignments. So, go ahead for your online course without any fear of types of assignments you will encounter. And All the very best from the team of Assignment Help Experts!