International Student Visa for UAE


International Student Visa for UAE  International Student Visa for UAE[/caption] International students can obtain student visa directly from the universities where they are planning to enroll for a full time program.  Our assignment help experts did the analysis to get International Student Visa for UAEInternational students that do not belong to Dubai or UAE or five countries of GCC can apply for student visa for UAE.

The student visas in UAE are valid for a period of 12 months after which it is required by the students to renew it after the end of 12 months. There is also a presence of two types of student visas namely short term and long term visas which are given to the international students for those programs that have tenure of less than 12 months. The student visa process in UAE starts as soon as the international students accepted to the program. The processing of the student visa starts one to two months prior to the beginning of the semester in the universities. Besides this, the processing of the visa for international students is completed ideally in 15-20 days and it varies from university to university (Babar, 2017).

The main reason behind the start of the processing of the visa one to two months prior to the beginning of the semester is that the university gets the time to cross check different aspects of departure checklist. There is also an availability of the option of express processing in which the student has required to pay more money than usual to get the visa within 10 days. In the context of UAE, the international students are required to send their documents directly to the university in order to obtain a student visa. As soon as the student accepts the offer letter for the program, the application process of visa will be started (Asher, 2016). The different documents which are required to be submitted to the university to get a student visa includes colored passport size photograph, filled university forms , colored passport copy which is valid for minimum of seven months, the copy of visa and tuition fee receipt, and original Emirates ID (in case the student possess it).

There might be a possibility that the provision of UAE student visa can be rejected by the university. There are mainly three reasons due to which the student visa will be rejected for UAE. This might include denial from the immigration body, rejection by the registrar of the university and there might be a possibility the student has been failed in the medical test which needs to be carried out under the student visa application process.  For reapplying for the student visa in UAE in case it has been rejected, it is requisite for the student to contact the registrar’s office of the university to which the student has applied to. After this, there might be a possibility to re-submit the visa application with proper required documents (Oxford Business Group, 2014).

Besides this, it might also possible that the registrar may ask to fill the fee refund form.  If the student visa has expired then there is a requirement of renew it for which there is a need to fill a visa renewal application form and submission of the required documents such as valid Emirates ID, original passport and passport size photographs at least one month prior to the visa expiry to the registrar. Along with this, a fee has been charged by the registrar for visa renewal and health insurance (Babar, 2017).


Besides this, the international students are required to take permission from their university to explore the options to grab off-campus employment as a part time job by approaching to UAE Labor department. Besides this, the on-campus international students can work in administrative offices and libraries (Asher, 2016). There is no age bar to apply for the student visa in UAE, however, if the student is minor then there is a requirement of the additional documents relating to their guardians.

Along with this, the student has not require to appear for an interview separately for gaining a student visa but it might be possible that the student has been asked some basic questions at the time of application and once they landed in UAE to get their visa at the time of arrival.

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