Assignment Help on Company Takeover Targets

Assignment Help on Takeover Targets in Canada, Germany, and Japan

Dorchester, Inc. is a U.S. based conglomerate wanted to acquire consumer electronics companies in Japan, Canada and Germany. The business assignment help paper will deal with discussing the pros and cons of buying an electronics company in Japan, Canada and Germany. The economic assessment of these countries will be provided to Dorchester, Inc. so that the company could successfully make its takeover.

Takeover Pros and Cons in Japan In relation to acquire consumer electronic company in Japan, following are advantages and disadvantages for Dorchester, Inc that company has to go through:

Advantages: Japan is the center for consumer electronic products with high concentration of factories and research & development activities. It is one of the prominent countries, where the takeover target for Dorchester could be made. Since, Japan is highly innovative and technically advanced country, the consumer electronics produced within the country are highly in demand among the consumers. The consumer electronic produced from the companies of Japan are having high quality and long durability. This would successfully add value to Dorchester. Japanese are known for their innovative culture that would help to bring new innovative product into the market. At the same time, the takeover bid process is being followed in Japan to carry on the activities of takeover of an organization. Wide amendments have been done in the process to make it easy for the organizations to go through acquisitions. There is enough flexibility in the TOB process and the decision is mainly done by shareholders of the company to be acquired. This would make the process quite easy for the company. Since the company has to purchase all shares of the acquiring company, it would have better control over the target company in Japan. Apart from this, the stable economic growth of the country also adds value to the decision of taking-over a consumer electronic company in Japan.

Disadvantage: There are also several disadvantages associated with acquiring a consumer electronic company in Japan. The most potential difficulty is to consume the products produced by the company. Since competition is very high in consumer electronic market, Dorchester has to find different market for its products. At the same time, from a nature point of view, Japan is not safe as it is being affected wide number of natural calamities throughout the year like earthquake, Tsunami etc. that may restrict the growth of the company.

Takeover Pros and Cons in Canada In relation to Canada, Dorchesterwould have wide number of pros and cons associated with purchasing consumer electronics company. Following are some of the pros and cons that company has to face in Canada:

Advantages: The most important advantage of acquiring consumer electronic company in Canada is its simple acquisition process. Acquisition of Canadian company is guided through Investment Canada Act. The most important part of any acquisition of Canadian company is the economic growth and employment opportunities in Canada. Dorchester only has to make the responsible minister believe that the acquisition is in favor of Canada in terms of growth. So, it would quite easy for Dorchester to takeover any consumer electronic company in Canada. Other advantage that Dorchester may likely to get through acquiring a consumer electronic company in Canada is the large North American market. It is because North American Trade Agreement allows Canadian companies to operate in whole North America (Kerr & Kurtz, 2011). Apart from this, Canada is the safest place to invest that will also provide significant benefit to Dorchester, while operating its business in Canada. At the same time our assignment help experts says that, Canada has the highly skilled workforce that could contribute in the growth of Dorchester successfully. The infrastructure is also well developed in Canada that is much required for Dorchester Inc. to explore the market opportunities. At the same time, the Canadian lifestyle of people would also provide significant advantage to company as people in Canada love to enjoy their lives. The low tax rates in the country also add advantage to the portfolio of Dorchester Inc. as company could save huge amount of revenue over tax. The company would also get support from government to find Canadian suppliers as government provides special concern to foreign investors. Dorchester would get same kind of business environment as of US.

Disadvantages: Apart from the advantages, there are also several disadvantages associated with acquiring a consumer electronic company in Canada. The immense competition from the local companies is the foremost challenge for a foreign firm. Since Canada is highly developed country, there are wide number of consumer electronics companies that may produce subsequent challenge for Dorchester. At the same time, declining value of Canadian dollar will also affect the business of company since company would not able to generate huge amount of revenue.

Takeover Pros and Cons in Germany While acquiring a consumer electronic company in Germany, Dorchester has to go through wide number of processes. Following are some advantages and disadvantages of takeover of consumer electronic business in Germany:

Advantages: There is wide number of advantages associated with takeover of consumer electronics company in Germany. Germany is the fifth largest economy of world that provides ample opportunity for Dorchester Inc. to determine their growth in German market. Along with this assignment help says that set standard of quality and efficiency would also provide great advantage to the company in terms of its product manufacturing. Since Germany has the good image in terms of product quality, company would be successfully able to export its products in other countries. Apart from this, German people are regarded to be more committed, focused and professional in terms of other countries. This would be quite helpful in increasing the productivity of Dorchester in order to increase the profitability. High standard of technology is being practiced in German-based companies that also have significant influence over Dorchester. In addition to this, decision making and planning are very effectively practiced in Germany that helps to bring high-quality product in the market. The excellent English skill also helps to operate business quite smoothly. The infrastructure is well developed in Germany that could also provide requisite advantage to Dorchester. The spending ability of Germans also adds value to the decision of takeover of German company by Dorchester Inc.

Disadvantages: There is wide number of cons under takeover of German company. The acquisition of German company by any foreign company is governed under Takeover Act 2002. For any acquisition by the foreign company, the most important priority is that the company should either be listed in abroad or the company’s shares should be listed in Germany stock market. At the same time, it is governed by the European Union directive that also restricts the opportunities to explore in the country. This would bring subsequent challenge for Dorchester Inc. to find its place in the market. In addition to this, the cost of labor is very high in Germany that may bring the profitability of company down. Apart from this our assignment help experts said that, the labor unions are quite powerful in Germany that may create subsequent challenge for the company. Conclusion Based on the above discussion by our company takeover targets assignment help experts, it could be said all the three countries discussed have wide opportunities for growth. With considering few things, Dorchester could successfully determine its takeover target in Japan, Canada and Germany. Since all three countries are the hub for consumer electronic product, these countries could prove to be most efficient market for company through acquiring local electronics company. Although, company needs to control few things for their successful operation.

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