Variables Data and Attributes Data Assignment Help

Numerical information gathered regarding a product, service, procedure, person, or item is known as data. Data could be distinguished in two types that are:

Variables Data: It is also known as measurement data that occurs from a measurement undertaken on a thing or individual. Any value can occur theoretically, restricted only by the exactness of the selected measuring process. The key examples of variables data are weight, heights, cycle time, temperature etc. In addition to this, variables can also be mentioned as per the level of measurement scale (nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio). Variables data is sorted out into interval and ration-scaled data. In an interval scale, difference between measurements are a significant amount, but there is no true zero point, whereas in a ratio scale there are differences between measurements a meaningful amount as well as true zero point. Variable data is considered for bulk data.

Attributes Data: It is also identified as categorical or counts data. It takes place when a variable is either assorted in classes or used to calculate occurrences’ of an event. Attribute data lays a thing or individual into two or more categories. For instance, gender has two categories. At the same time, in other cases, a variable can be classified into several probable categories. For example, there could be various reasons in regard to a defective product. On the basis of scale, attribute data is classified in nominal and ordinal scale data. Attribute data is used for ancillary data or information regarding the data.

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