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Human Resource Management case study Human Resource Management case study Assignment Help

Human Resource Management case study Assignment Help Importance of Employee Benefits to Fulfill HRM Goal Human resource management mainly deals with identifying and fulfilling the need and requirement of human resources in organization. HRM is responsible to look after employee relation, employees’ salaries and wages and to formulate polices and procedure regarding employees welfare. The goal of HRM is to ensure that employees should meet the desired performance set to attain the goals of organization (Jackson, Schuler & Werner, 2011). To increase the productivity of employees in concern of organizational aim is the goal of HRM. To determine good relationship between employees and management is also the responsibility of HRM. Providing employees with benefits like bonus, retirement, healthcare, sick leave, flexible work schedule also help organization to successfully meet the goal of HRM. Since increasing productivity of employees depends upon their satisfaction, HRM plays a role to increase their satisfaction. Through providing employees with different kinds of benefits, organization ensures their satisfaction that increases productivity of employees (Jackson & Mathis, 2011). It also helps organization to build good relationship with the employees as employees are happy with their management as a result of benefits. Apart from this, employees benefits also results into retention of employees within the organization. It increases the loyalty of employees towards organization. Generally, it is seen that due to lack of requisite employees benefits, many employees leave organizations. Being a part of HRM, employee benefit programs successfully help to retain its key employees by fulfilling goals of HRM (Gong & Huang, 2009).


Employee Benefits as Motivating Tool Both Genentech and Zappos have successfully understood that to keep employees motivated, it is important to provide employees with extra benefits. Both the companies have successfully introduced various employees’ benefit programs to keep its employees motivated and consequently satisfied. To keep its employees motivated, Genentech has used employees benefit as a tool to show real respect for employees. Since self respect is an important motivational tool for employees, Genentech has successfully explored this fact through its benefit programs (DelPo, Elias & Guerin, 2007). Apart from this, company also provides its employees with retirement and healthcare benefits to work without fear. It also provides with unlimited sick leave that further acts as motivational tool as employees are familiar that if any misshapen would happen, organization is with them. As a result of this confidence and motivation, their productivity increases. The same case is with Zappos that provides its employees with benefits like pajama parties, nap room etc. that also helps to keep the motivation of employees high and to increase the productivity of employees. With the help of employee benefits like happy hours, the company tries to keep its employees happy always (Mazin, 2010). As it is known that employee could be motivated if he is kept happy, Zappos has successfully motivated its employees through its different employee’s benefits. It has explored the motivational aspects of employees through providing employees with requisite benefits. As a result of these benefits, organizations have been able to create to base of skilled employees.


Use of Incentive Benefits in Other Organizations Incentive benefits are effective means of employees motivation and increasing productivity. Incentive benefits have successfully helped Genentech and Zappos to explore the potential of employees to determine their growth. With the help of these benefits, organizations have been able to keep the motivation of employees high (Cole & Flint, 2004). In addition to this, these benefits constitute significant place in the growth of these organizations. Since employees’ behavior and neds in every organization is quite similar to each other, so implementation of these incentive benefits in other organizations would be quite successful. As both Genentech and Zappos have gained subsequent advantage of these incentive benefits, it is likely to perform in other organizations also (Jackson, Schuler & Werner, 2011). As incentive benefits are greatly attached with the motivation of employees, it would successfully help other organizations to keep the motivation of their employees high at workplace. At the same time, incentive benefits also help to keep employees satisfied that further helps in increasing the productivity of employees. Hence to increase the productivity of employees, incentive benefits would be helpful for other organizations.


Apart from this, incentive program also helps to boost morale of employees that is very important to enhance the productivity of them (Jackson & Mathis, 2011). It also leads to improve teamwork within organization that is important to accomplish challenging tasks in organization. With all these advantages, incentive benefits could prove to be of great advantage for organizations other than Genentech and Zappos.     References Cole, N. & Flint, D. (2004). Perceptions of distributive and procedural justice in employee benefits: flexible versus traditional benefit plans. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 19 (1), 19 – 40. DelPo, A., Elias, S. & Guerin, L. (2007). Create Your Own Employee Handbook: A Legal and Practical Guide. USA: Nolo. Gong, Y. & Huang, J. (2009). Employee Learning Orientation, Transformational Leadership, and Employee Creativity: The Mediating Role of Employee Creative Self-Efficacy. Academy of Management Journal, 52 (4), 765-778. Jackson, J. & Mathis, R. (2011). Human Resource Management: Essential Perspectives. USA: Cengage Learning. Jackson, S., Schuler, R. & Werner, S. (2011). Managing Human Resources. USA: Cengage Learning. Mazin, R. (2010). The Employee Benefits Answer Book: An Indispensable Guide for Managers and Business Owners. USA: John Wiley & Sons.


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