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The position of HR manager is quite important in the organization as it requires managing the most important resources, human

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resources, in the organization to increase organizational compatibility (Armstrong, 2008). Thus our Performance management assignment help experts stated that , an appropriate performance appraisal program is essential. If the dream job is the only position in the organization then the following performance appraisal program could be used to assess the job performance of HR manager: Establishing Performance Standards: First of all, the standards to evaluate the performance should be cleared and properly communicated for my dream job. The standards should be based on the requirements of job and should translate the organizational objectives in job requirements, so that distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable performance could be established (Sims, 2007). The management of HR, increase in overall productivity and skills of employees, decline in employee turnover and conflicts, and effectiveness of policies to improve organizational competitiveness are some of the standards, which could be used to assess the performance. Complying with Law: The legal requirements should also be met in performance appraisal as it is HR action. Factors such as advance knowledge of job standards to the employees, job-related standards etc will be included to comply with applicable laws (Kleynhans, 2006). Peer Appraisal: In peer appraisal, equivalent managers would be asked to assess my job performance as I have direct relationship with their department also (DeNisi, 2004).

Provide feedback: Lastly, the management will take all the reviews and will provide appropriate feedback by discussing growth opportunities and lacking, which I required to improve (Mayhew, 2013). The above described program is appropriate for this position as it is the only position in the organization and HR manager will have relationship with all departments. So their managers will be more able to tell about the performance at this position and to tell about the overall contribution in organizational growth (Edwards, Scott & Raju, 2003). At the same time, in other big organizations, generally management follow this type of appraisal programs to assess the performance of managers, which justify the process for dream job position. We offer business management assignment help and case study assignment help services to our clients. Our management assignment help experts has the master degree from the top university of US,UK and Australia. We ensure you that your business assignment help content would be authentic, original and according the assignment guidelines. So, hurry up and please e-mail us your any topic assignment help at