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In a job, the compensation and performance appraisal process has significant importance to motivate the employees. The benefits

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and incentives have a significant impact over the employee performance and contribution over the time (Sims, 2007). On the other hand, the lack of key benefits in a job may create the problem related to low morale and less contribution of employees in an organization, which may affect the significance of the organization to sustain its business in the current environment (Armstrong, 2008). So, to motivate the employees, it is essential to build an appropriate compensation plan and process of performance appraisal. This HR case study assignment help paper will discuss the job description and specification for my dream job along with compensation program and performance appraisal process.

Job Description and Specification My dream job is to become the Human Resource Manager (HR Manager) in a repute multinational organization. I want to work in HR department, so that I could interact with the employees directly and can contribute to increase the effectiveness of organization to manage its human resources more effectively and increase the organizational competitiveness in the industry (Sims, 2007). Job description for this dream job is as below, which provides tasks, roles and responsibilities, which I supposed to perform in this job: Table 1:

Job Description

Job Title & Department Manager, Human Resource Department
Job Purpose/Job Summary The person is responsible to maintain and enhance the human resources of the organization, to perform job analysis and evaluation, to enhance employee management relationship by planning and implementing different policies, programs and processes for human resources.
Job Duties
  • Continuous review of job requirements and description for updating to maintain work structure
  • Establish recruitment, test and interview programs for selection of skilled employees
  • Prepare for exit interview and take the feedback positively for better management
  • Conduct orientation and training programs
  • Plan and implement pay structures
  • Solve employee conflicts and grievances and provide counselling to them
  • Maintain employee benefit programs with legal compliance as per federal and state government requirements
  • Maintain the record of performance and history of human resources’
  • Develop HR policies and programs for better organizational structure
  • Develop and implement employee performance appraisals
Working Conditions Normal working conditions (5 days in a week, eight hours per day)
Reporting Report to directors and the supervision officers of HR department
  • With managers in other departments at equivalent level
  • Contact with local officials

(Fowler, 2000) The above table describes the job description of my dream job of HR manager in MNC. For this dream job, there are some skills and qualifications required, which are given in the job specification table below. The job specification is the written statement, which includes educational qualification, experience level, and specific qualities etc that are essential to perform a job in a significant manner (Sims, 2007). Below is the job specification for my dream job of HR manager:

Table 2: Job Specification

Job Title & Department Manager, Human Resource Department
Education and Training
  • A good bachelor degree with at-least 60 percentile
  • Master degree in HR management
  • A certification in labour law will be desirable additional qualification
Experience Need at-least 3 year experience at the same position
Age Preferably between year 30 to 45
Other skills required
  • Good health
  • Ability to work for long-hours
  • Ability to deal with stressful situations
  • Fluency in speaking and writing
  • Good knowledge of computer applications
  • Analytical decision making skill
  • Time management skill
  • Flexibility

(Kleynhans, 2006) The above is the job specification of my dream job and almost, I have all the ability and skill to do this job in an effective manner. The job description and job specification is quite significant to explain the job requirements, which help an individual to perform the job significantly.

Compensation and Benefit Package The compensation and benefit package is generally related to the job duties and desired outcomes. A number of factors should be considered in designing a compensation and benefit package, so that employee and organization both can be mutually agree on this and the interest of both can be fulfilled (Armstrong, 2008). It is because an appropriate compensation and benefit package helps to attract and retain the key employees within the organization and also motivates the employees to provide their best efforts towards the organizational goals and objectives. The compensation package for my dream job will be inclusion of direct, indirect and non-financial compensation and benefits, so that all legal compliances can be covered and mutual interest of my dream job and organization could be achieved: Table 3: Compensation and Benefit Package

Direct Compensation
  • Equitable wages and Salaries: $72000 Annual
  • Dearness allowance as per rules
  • Annual bonus 20% of base Salary
  • Commission 2% on total production yearly
  • Performance bonus as per organizational policies
Indirect Compensation
  • Medical insurance plan, child care
  • Employment insurance plan
  • Retirement plan
  • Educational services
  • Employee services
  • Accommodation
  • Car facility
  • Sick and education leaves
  • Paid vacations
  • Interest free loans
Non-financial compensation
  • Advancement opportunity
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Recognition opportunity
  • Workplace flexibility
  • Alternative work scheduling
  • Modified retirement

The above compensation and benefit package is quite justified with my dream job of HRM manager. The base salary and other allowances are justified as per my position in the organization and experience in previous firm. I have master degree in HRM along with a labour law certification and 3.5 year experience in a reputed firm as HR manager. I have proved my skills and compatibility in the industry, which justifies this salary level. The other allowances and incentives are as per the law and equitable with the compensation structure of the similar organization in the industry for the same position (Kleynhans, 2006). According to the HR business assignment help experts, HR manager plays an important role and has significant influence over the organizational growth by managing the most valuable resources of the organization i.e. human resources. The indirect compensation is also as per the organizational rules and policies under the employee compensation laws, which is also justified at the position of HR manager. Some other indirect compensation such a car facility, accommodation is some of the essential facilities, which are required for this job (Estreicher & Reilly, 2010). At the same time, in US, organizations tend to offer this type of facilities to the senior managers to reduce the stress level and to improve work efficiency. Flexibility is also required for this job as HR manager has to consider various aspects in designing HR policies and procedures. So, the level of indirect compensation is also justified with my dream job. At the previous job, I also had the facility of accommodation and car and expect the same in my dream job. The non-financial compensation is also justified as it includes the growth opportunities, which are seek by everyone in their career. If the growth opportunities will not be there, the motivation level of an employee at any position can be declined.

So, these non-financial compensations are also significant with the job profile. Overall, the compensation and benefit package is significant to achieve the mutual interest of my dream job and organization both, which would be beneficial for the growth of both (Biswas, 2012). Thus, on the basis of market competitiveness, individual and organizational objectives, and as per state and federal rules and regulations, the above described compensation packages for my dream job is properly justified.

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