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Case Study Assignment Help Example

Perform an case study analysis assignment help of this situation using the Boundary Model of Conflict. In doing so determine:

1. What boundary issues are at stake between David and HR?

2. How would you explain to David the role that these boundary issues might be playing in this conflict?

3. Suggest a strategic intervention and describe how it would be used to reestablish all four elements of the boundary.

Job Hire Case Business Assignment  Experts Boundary Issues Boundary model is a creative and unique way to frame a conflict in order to resolve difference between both parties. This model suggests that everything has boundaries or limits either on physical level or on behavioral level. Defined standards for behavior, jurisdiction, authority and norms are main element of this model (Furlong, 2010).

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Boundary issues occur when parties or managers face possible conflict of personal interest in the form of authority and acceptance of their suggestions. After the analysis of given job hire case with the help of this model, it is identified that there are some boundary issues are at-stake between David and HR in case of recruitment process. The boundary issues related to behavior, authority, norms and legitimacy are at-stake between David and HR due to conflict on recruitment of an employee.

Both David and HR department have different opinion to hire an employee for ongoing job vacancy in the company. David wants to hire his friend Heather for current job opening that is within his domain and area of expertise, but HR department is seriously not taking his reference. As per HR assignment help experts, The behavior of HR department developed conflict between both parties (Furlong, 2010). It is correct that recruitment is the functional area of HR department, but non-allowable behavior of HR and wrong use of authority created boundary issues between HR and David.

Role of Boundary Issues in Conflicts The boundary model describes that if a boundary and its norms are challenged or threatened then conflict occurs between managers. The boundary issues play an important role in the creation of conflicts (Preston, 2005). Similarly in this case, there is a possibility that the above identified boundary issues might be contributing to create conflict between David and HR.

The role of each boundary issues in this conflict is discussed below-

Role of Authority Issue: In this case, the boundary issue related to wrong use of authority by the HR manager in recruitment process might cause to conflict. During the process, the HR empowered several times to dictate David about how he perform his job as well as not interfere in functions of HR department.This action might be contributed to create differences or clashes between HR and David on recruitment issue. It is because the job opening is occurred within his domain and area of expertise, but HR is not interested to take his advice that might be reason of conflict between both (Furlong, 2010). All these arguments would be useful to explain the role of authority issues in conflict.

Role of Behavioral Issues: This issue is related to the way of HR behavior with David in the case of recruitment. The unsupportive behavior of HR department with David when he referred his friend for particular job opening might play a crucial role to create conflict between both parties. By highlighting the behavior of HR during the recruitment process, the role of this issue in conflict between David and HR would explain to VP of the company. Along with this, the role of boundary issues in this conflict would also be clarified by the dictatorship behavior of HR (Gordon, 2009).

Role of Legitimacy Issue: The legitimacy or jurisdiction issue is concerned with no direct involvement of a person in the authorized areas of others. In the given situation, HR department has power to recruit an employee for ongoing job vacancy, but the HR used his power in unethical way against David. This factor might play an important role in conflict (Nagel, 2003). All these arguments related to behavioral, authority and legitimacy would be helpful for David to explain role of these boundary issues in creation of conflict.

Strategic Direction from Boundary Model The boundary model of conflict suggests that when conflict or crisis occurs than strategic intervention in the reestablishment of all four key elements of boundary will be helpful to eliminate conflicts. Similarly in job hire case, the strategies to intervene can be applied to all identified boundary issues in order to address this problem effectively (Preston, 2005). The management of company should need to facilitate negotiation between HR and David in order to eliminate differences with each other. The negotiation can be helpful for both parties to discuss their issues related to recruitment of employee directly with management in order to resolve this problem as soon as possible. Along with this, the strategic intervention of management would be also helpful to reestablish all key elements of boundary within the organization (Furlong, 2010).

The roles of proposed strategy in reestablishment are discussed below-

Boundary Clarified and Reestablished: In order to reestablish boundaries, there is a need to reestablish boundary of David and HR in the company. The negotiation strategy would be helpful to inform both parties about standards for maximum or minimum allowable behavior at workplace (Preston, 2005).

Jurisdiction Clarified and Reestablished: The negotiation would be used to reestablish jurisdiction by convincing both parties to accept the legitimacy related to rules and procedure of recruiting new employees. Additionally, by clarifying and defining the jurisdiction to HR and David, both the negotiation strategy would be used for reestablishment (Nagel, 2003).

Authority Clarified and Reestablished: The management would also use negotiation to clarify authority as well as limitation of HR department in recruitment process to HR and David both. It would be also useful for management to monitor and maintain respected rules within the organization to reestablish boundaries of enforcement (Furlong, 2010).

Norms Clarified and Reestablished: In the last, negotiation would be also used to closely monitor whether all norms are accepted by both parties or not in order to determine possible changes.

References- Furlong, G.T. (2010). The Conflict Resolution Toolbox: Models and Maps for Analyzing, Diagnosing, and Resolving Conflict. USA: John Wiley & Sons. Gordon, I.J. (2009). The Vicuña: The Theory and Practice of Community-based Wildlife Management. Germany: Springer. Nagel, S.S. (2003). Policymaking and Democracy: A Multinational Anthology. UK: Lexington Books. Preston, D.S. (2005). Contemporary Issues in Education. USA: Rodopi.

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