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Branding for Business – Assignment Help Branding is helpful for the companies in making the sound position in today’s competitive market environment.

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Branding is the process which is involved in creating the unique name and image for the product in consumer mind. Apple is the company, which has adopted effective advertising strategies and makes its brand name popular in competitive market. In this branding case study assignment help paper, importance of branding in today’s competitive market has been discussed. Further, in order to make the branding strategies effective, what different applications should be used by Apple has also been identified by researcher in this assignment help paper.

Importance of Brand in Today’s Market It has been identified that today, Apple is the most valuable brand in all over the world and spent large amount of money marketing and advertisement. Brand value of Apple is considered as $153 billion, which has been almost half of its market capitalization. Apple has the ability enhance the perceived value of its products by considering the things like innovation and design. Jony Ive and Phil Schiller had also made efforts in doing the masterful job at Apple in terms of marketing and design respectively. Apple has captured the large part of market share only through its brand. Thus, without the brand, Apple cannot be able to sustain in the competitive market.

Evolution Overtime Apple has improved its marketing budget from $15 million to $100 million. Apple has continued to spend lots of money on the high profile ads. It is identified that power of the brand has made the Apple alive; it has nothing to do with its innovative products. Now, Apple has made sound position in the market and built the branding as competitive advantage. It believes that brand is helpful in keeping the deep and lasting bonds relationship with their customers. Earlier, Apple produced very costly products to the customers and few people buy its products due to high prices. Further, it is identified that customers were satisfied with its products even at high prices. This company has majorly focused towards the efficient marketing in order to make brand accepted by large mass of customers. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple has produced highly advanced and innovative products for the customers. All these strategies have made the Apple, one of the most promising brands all over the world.

Target Market of Apple Apple has mainly focused towards attracting the customers in almost all areas in the global world. Earlier, Apple has been developing the products for emerging markets and introduces its products to the middle and higher class of the people. Our business case study assignment help experts also says that in the past several years, Apple has changed its marketing strategies and policies but it continues to focus its efforts on the market that are new and less competitive. Apple iPod was intuitively designed and well marketed for the customers. It mainly targets the people with middle/upper level of income. These types of customers are ready to pay more for the better user experience.

Position of Competition Apple has given tough competition to the rivalry firms in the competitive market environment. Few days before, Samsung has paid the huge compensation to Apple in order to imitate its products. Apple has recently placed as the number third seller of the personal computer in US. Designs of Apple are very innovative and elegant, which basically attracts the customers to buy its products even at high prices. It’s branding and marketing has really stand out to be effective in giving tough competition within the market. Thus, it has been identified that it is tough for the companies to give competition to Apple in innovation and creativity. Get business marketing assignment help and business strategy assignment help services from Australia and US by experienced experts. We assure you that you will get perfect and complete business plan assignment help services from our experts