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We provide the business assignment help on the following assignment: A consultant argued that the emphasis on corporate governance and social responsibility has distracted leaders from key business issues such as serving customers and beating competitors.  Do you agree?  Should leaders put business issues first or ethical issues first? Business Issues and Ethical Issues HND Business Assignment Help No, I am not agreeing with this statement, as with ethical issues, leaders can easily handle business issues with strong market image and customer base.


In today’s globalized business environment, governance & social responsibilities are important & essential elements for the total success of the organization. It is because, through corporate governance & social responsibilities practices, a leader can fulfill the organizational strategic objectives and vision (Lin & Zhang, 2011). In addition, a leader can also provide the competitive advantages with the help of it. Furthermore, by fulfilling the gap in corporate governance & social responsibilities, a leader can easily fight with the competitors of the company. With the help of social responsibility, a leader can also satisfy the basic needs & desire of the customer. Hence, a leader should consider ethical issues for the organizational success. Ethical issues have significance for the business enterprises and leaders.


For instance, applying the rules, regulation & law in conducting the advertisement is important for the organization for the competitive advantages (Pater & Gils, 2003). In addition as per assignment help experts, business issues are also important and essential for a leader, because without solving business problem, an organization cannot survive in the complex business environment. So, leaders should also focus on business issues. Simply, business issues are those issues/ problems that a business enterprise faces. There are several kinds of business issues that a business enterprise can face (Barnett & Valentine, 2004).


  Business Issues Assignment Help

In the competitive business environment, leaders should focus on ethical issues first to achieve the overall business success & strategic objectives. For example, in the strategy, leaders will help clients to identify right growth platforms and help them to build the right entry path into those new growth areas (McCaffree, 2003). Leaders should develop trust, faith and reliance among customers about the product and services to ensure long-term growth. It means, without solving ethical issues, a leader cannot address the business issues. So, from the organizational point of view, to solve the ethical issue is the major part of business for the long-term growth. Hence, a leader should strongly focus on the ethical issues & put it first not only for the overall organizational success but also to survive in the globalized business environment (Lin & Zhang, 2011).

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