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In this decision analysis assignment help, our assignment help selects the Wal-Mart and explained the decision analysis could be used to solve a business problem.

Wal-Mart Decision Analysis: Decision Making is the most important task of an organization. Decision analysis is the combination of theories, applications, philosophies, methods and professional practices to address important decisions in a formal manner. Decision analysis is used by major corporations to solve the business problems and make decisions. Wal-Mart can use decision analysis to determine the most desirable strategy between the several decisions alternatives and to face uncertain pattern of future events.

It includes decision making with probabilities, risk analysis, sensitive and decision analysis. Wal-Mart could solve business problems by evaluating the various alternatives and choosing the best course of action. It could use influence diagram and decision trees for decision analysis. Influence diagram and decision trees represent the alternatives available to the management and the uncertainty could be faced by the company. It can help management to solve the business problems and taking the right decision for the organization. Decision analysis process of Wal-Mart is based on three steps. In the first step, company analyzes similar kinds of problems and opportunities to determine consistency in decision making. After the company conducts comprehensive analysis of the business situation in which company focuses on complete information and various alternatives. In the last process, company takes decisions on the basis of quantitative analysis of the uncertainties and risks associated with decision making. This process can help Wal-Mart to solve the business problems and survive in uncertain market conditions effectively.

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