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Decision Tree and Its Utilization:  Decision tree is one way to display an algorithm through graphs and diagrams. It is a graphical representation of various alternatives that enables the decision maker to identify the most suitable selection in a particular condition. Decision tree branch node represents a choice between a number of alternatives and each leaf mode shows a classification or decision. It is commonly used in research specific operations in decision analysis. It is a simple but powerful form of multiple variable analyses.

It is a graphic approach to compare alternatives and values to different alternatives by combining uncertainties, costs and outputs. Our Decision tree analysis technique for making decisions in the presence of uncertainty and risks can be applied in many different business situations. Wal-Mart uses a decision tree like graph or model of decisions and its possible result including outcomes, costs and utility.A decision tree is useful for Wal-Mart to measures the profitability of an event and to measure the financial outcomes in making a particular decision. Decision tree forms multiple variable analyses that can allow the decision maker to predict, explain, describe and classify outcome.

Wal-Mart can utilize decision tree to identify decision alternatives, possible outcomes and change events in a systematic manner. Graphics forms may help management to easily understand the problems and various alternatives so managers can easily interpret them. Visual approach of the decision tree can be helpful for the company in selecting best variable and making right decisions according to the situation of company. Decision tree quickly expresses complex alternatives that can be effective for management or decision maker to improve decision making. Company can easily modify a decision tree according to the situation and availability of information. Changing input values affects various decision alternatives and decision trees.

Company can set-up a decision tree to compare the changing input value and its effects on decision alternatives. Decision tree effectively identifies the weak part of the decision or project exercise, which helps the company to modify its decision. Wal-Mart can compare competing alternatives even without complete information in term of risks and values through the use of decision tree, which is beneficial to improve decision making. For example, it can be also used in evaluate project schedule. Decision tree predicts the value of each alternative decision and outcome path that can help decision makers for making right decisions. Wal-Mart can utilize decision tree to handle datasets and remove errors. Decision trees improve decision making with removing errors by handling both categories and continuous variables. It can be useful for generating a practical solution to complicated problems.

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