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Change in Operation Department by Management Assignment Help: Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization is a gourmet food company that provides a large selection of fresh ingredients and the equipment to make a gourmet meal. The company has three locations in San Diego metropolitan area for providing its services. The Management Assignment Help company is looking to expand its operations because they want to expand business and earn more revenue. In this report, change needs for operation department and importance of opportunities will be discussed. Additionally, four dimensions of change management and implementation of these changes in the organization and project management approach to managing the change will be described. Additionally,

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 this project will be evaluated with the help of expected return on investment. Need for Change in Operation Department It is identified that there is a need of change in operation department to provide not just fresh foods, but also an organic variety. According to the media report, pesticides are affecting the overall health of American people. So, it is important for the company to change the operations and provide a wide variety of freshest ingredients to customers. Changes in operations are needed to provide organic produce and ultimately make a profit. Furthermore, the company can expand its business operations to increase market share and revenues. It is needed to replace the entire product inventory with organic produce or a combination of both organic and chemically altered fruits and vegetables.

It affects the business operations that have to be altered such as purchasing, merchandise selection, forecasting, and facilities. This change will provide various opportunities such as geographic expansion throughout California, offer more catering services and add new products in the product line to grow the company, broaden the business brand, and acquire another business, increasing brand image and delegate purchasing process to someone with more time and experience. Moreover, this change is important to provide organic provides to customers that will be beneficial for their health. MBA Assignment Help Operations will be helpful to identify how inventory, suppliers, supplier relations and quality are going to make this initiative successful. To provide organic products to customers, it is important to purchase the raw materials from organic growers according to the needs of customers. If you looking for any topic assignment help then hurry up and please e-mail us your any business assignment help at