Coca Cola Organizational Structure Assignment Help

Coca Cola Organizational Structure Assignment Help

Information Technology Contribution to High Performance Teams Coca-Cola is the global leader in the food and beverage industry and offers different types of products to its customers.

This company has used the information technology in order to build the high-performance teams. High-performance teams work better than those of other employees in the organization. This company has formulated such type of teams by including five characteristics such as high-quality management, high-quality workforce, long-term orientation, action orientation and continuous improvement. All these characteristics can be achieved only through the effective use of information technology. Coca-Cola has used various technologies in order to make improvement in the performance of employees. Employees within the company can develop their skills with the help of new and advanced technology (Coca-Cola Project Management Assignment).

Through the efforts of its team, company has introduced various other technologies such as social networking, Greener bottles and freestyle dispensers. Moreover, Coca-Cola also provided improved working conditions to the employees through the use of Information Technology. Employees of this company have also grabbed the external market opportunities in order to provide the better quality of products to its customers. Thus, it is necessary for the organizations, to consider the information technology in the organization structure. This company believes that IT is helpful in many areas such as managerial support, innovation support, operational support and business process support. All these can be fulfilled through the efforts of high performing teams. It is identified that introduction of new and advanced technologies will be helpful in improving the overall performance of the organization (Coca-Cola Marketing Assignment Help). With the help of new technologies, employees will provide better products to the customers and also helpful in making the sound position in the competitive market structure (Coca-Cola Advertising Plan Marketing Assignment Help).

In addition to this, IT has also contributed to the learning organizations. It has been analyzed that learning organization includes the current and past knowledge in order to achieve the organizational goals. Through the information technology, company can be able to perform the activities quickly, better and in cheaper manner, which in turn is useful in achieving the better profitability. Through information technology, employees can be able to acquire knowledge in an efficient manner. Further, it also performs different functions such as information distribution and information interpretation. Through information technology employees will be able to learn new and advanced method of performing the tasks. Learning organization translates the best practices into the efficient products and also learns from the mistakes. Employees in the learning organization are focused towards capturing new technologies and learning new methods of doing work. Information technology provides new and advanced technologies through which, employees can be able to develop their skills and knowledge in order to perform the activities in more effective and efficient manner (Coca-Cola Business Strategy Assignment Help).

Coca-Cola provides training facilities to its employees in order to learn new methods of doing the tasks. In the learning organization, employees discard the old ways of thinking and adopt the new methods of providing satisfaction to customers. For example, Coca-Cola has been blamed by Britain and other countries for producing the unhealthy drinks. In such a case, company has used the new technologies and provided better drinks to its customers. During that case, company has discarded all its system and develops another technology of producing the products. In the learning organization, people within the organization structure can communicate openly with each other and share ideas and opinions with each other. Therefore, in today’s competitive market environment, information technology plays an important role in giving tough competition to rivalry firms and achieving the competitive advantage through high performing teams (Coca Cola Human Resource Case Study Assignment Help).

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