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Mothercare sleepers will be marketed in USA. It is so, as nowadays innovation is the main formula of success for firms operating at local and global scale. So, use of mothercare sleepers for pregnant women will be good option to be used in USA. Along with this marketing channels assignment help, nowadays with changing lifestyle, the needs of people have also altered towards using new patterns whether it is cloth or anything. The best distribution channel for marketing the mother care sleepers will be through using retail stores (Cant, Strydom & Jooste, 2009).


Distribution Channel Strategy It is true that there are various distribution channels strategy like middlemen, wholesaler, agents, etc. At the same time, it is also true that each distribution channel has their own pros and cons for the marketers. So, distribution with retailing channel would be best for mothercare sleeper for the pregnant women. It is so, as these kinds of products are not very common in USA and females during the stage of maternity need extra care and precaution. At retail stores, it would be easy for the people to figure out or spot the new product. As a result of this, the sales of the new product will be increased that is main objective of any retailer (Cant, Strydom & Jooste, 2009). With middlemen or wholesaling method of distribution, it would be not possible for the marketers to ensure easy access of customers for the mothercare sleeper intended to sell to the pregnant women. With retailing method, contact to customers can be done directly, while in other methods like wholesaling and middlemen, the direct contact is not possible.


Challenges As per Australian assignment help experts,there are various issues or aspects that may become challenging if the mothercare sleepers would be marketed at global scale. These can be discussed as below: Competition: The marketer may face competition if the product is distributed at global level. It is so, as working globally itself is a challenging task and there are many distribution channels that are more competitive than retailing if it is case of global supply (Skjott-Larsen, 2007). Local Challenges: In local markets, it is easy to handle the distribution related issues. On the other hand, in global markets, it is not easy to address the issues related to local needs. It is so, as the accessibility to shops is not easy in global markets. In other words, the sales personnel can not make regular visits to the retail shops working at global level. So, this lack of accessibility may also become a challenging situation for the distribution of mothercare sleepers for pregnant women. Regulatory Challenges: Regulations and rules differ from local to global markets. Like, in local distrbution, the subsidies are different as compared to global markets (Skjott-Larsen, 2007). So, distribution of mothercare sleepers for pregnant women at global level may also encounter challenges in the form of regulatory limitations. Documentation: Documentation requirements at local level are also different from global level. Hence, this difference may also cause challenging conditions for the marketer to distribute the new product globally. References Cant, M. C. Strydom, J. W. & Jooste C. J. (2009). Marketing Management. (5th ed). Cape Town, South Africa: Juta and Company Ltd. Skjott-Larsen, T. (2007). Managing the Global Supply Chain: Third Edition. (3rd ed). Sweden: Copenhagen Business School Press DK. If you looking for business assignment help , marketing, HR and finance case study assignment help then you can contact us. We always delivered the original and quality assignment help paper to our Australia, US and UK students.