Goal Statement Assignment Help

Goal Statement Assignment Help

For this goal assignment, a person aim managing time effectively is selected. Time management is a process of planning and exercising control over the amount of time spent on specific activities that help to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity (Forsyth, 2010). Along with this assignment help, measurable, attainable and specific goals will be developed to measure the progress and behaviors. At the same time, importance of goals, changes in life through these goals and rewards for progressing will be discussed in this assignment.

Target behaviors The main goal of time management is to develop effective plan that has proper time to each necessary activity. It is important to develop effective strategies for managing time and developing an effective plan that has balance between demands of time for study, exercise, leisure, enjoying with friends and family, earning money and job hunting (Harris, 2008). Time management skills are important for developing good study habits, sports talent and exercise habits. I have wasted my time in unproductive activities and have spent less time on study or good habits. According to the goals, I set my daily behavior and schedule that includes college time, study time, weekly review time, and time for sports activities and friends and family and time for my health and exercise (Forsyth, 2010). My goals include target behavior such as wake up early in the morning, daily exercising or morning walk for 30 minutes, college time 4 to 5 hours, leisure time of 1 hour, time for study 2 hours, sports activities for 2 hours and time for friends and family. After dinner, 2 hours for study and 6-8 hours for sleep. I want to increase my time management skills. In target behavior, I want to increase time spend on study and exercises. These activities are important and beneficial for me to develop my career and health (Halan, 2005). Along with this, I want to decrease my time spend on unproductive activities including watching TV, chatting with friends and searching useless material on internet. These activities are time consuming and useless for me, so I want to reduce my spending time on these activities.

Goals In order to achieve time management in life, it is important to develop some goals that are attainable, measurable and specific. These are as follow:

  • To develop a daily schedule for managing time
  • Give 4-5 hours for study apart from college
  • Assign 2-3 hours for exercise and sports activities to improve health
  • Provide 2-3 hours for entertainment and spend with family and friends

Importance of goals These goals are important due to managing my whole day time and assign required time for each activity. Through these, study habits and health can be improved that will be beneficial in near future (Adair, 2010). With the proper time management, I can give priority for some important tasks and avoid unnecessary and unproductive tasks. I can use my free time wisely in some useful works.

Changes in life Through this time management, my life will change. My all works will be done on time and I will complete my all necessary tasks. I will give my full concentration on study along with caring my health and other activities (Halan, 2005). I will give proper attention and time for difficult tasks and subjects to reduce my weaknesses. I will save lots of time from unnecessary and unproductive activities.

Monitoring For monitoring the progress, charts and activity time log sheet are helpful. This sheet records activities of 24-hour period including start and end times of each activity (Gebre-Egziabher, 2010). With the help of this, I can measure the progress of time management plan and achievement of goals. It will help to analyze the results and effectiveness of this time management programs.

Fit in current life This time management program will fit in my current life and schedule. In starting, I will face some problems and difficulties to manage all tasks and works, but after sometime, I will be able to complete my tasks according to my schedule or time management program (Burns & Sinfield, 2008). In starting, I will get less effective results, but after 1 month, I will get effective results and improvement in my study habits and health. This program will be helpful to achieve my short term and long term goals that are related to improvement in study habits, exercise habits and health.

Reward If I will manage all activities according to this program, I will give reward to myself in terms of one day relaxation from this schedule, enjoying some time with friends and family and give proper time for my hobbies and interested tasks in one day at the month (Adair, 2010). These are short term rewards and in long term rewards, I will include some other interested tasks in my schedule such as hobbies, job hunting, join classes and training programs to improve necessary skills. References Adair, J. (2010). Effective Time Management: How to Save Time and Spend it Wisely. USA: Pan Macmillan. Burns, T. & Sinfield, S. (2008). Essential Study Skills: The Complete Guide to Success at University Sage Study Skills Series. Sage Publications Ltd. Forsyth, P. (2010). Successful Time Management. UK: Kogan Page Publishers. Gebre-Egziabher, A. K. (2010). Self-Development and Time-Management Skills. UK: VDM Publishing. Halan, Y.C. (2005). Managing Time. USA: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd. Harris, J. (2008). Time Management 100 Success Secrets – The 100 Most Asked Questions on Skills, Tips, Training, Tools and Techniques for Effective Time Management. USA: Lulu.com.

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