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Evaluation of Developed & Acquire Technology   Implementation of Developed and Acquired Technology

In order to develop social networking system internally, the ability of human resource, financial restrictions, the technological level etc. are some factors that need to be considered as it affects each step of technology development and execution. In contrast, technology licensing, technical know-how of teachers and students, technological infrastructures etc are needed to consider, while acquiring an innovative technology (Duening, Hisrich & Lechter, 2009).

One has less control over the acquired technology in the comparison of developed technology, so acquired technology has more chances to expose security issues. In addition, for implementing technology, a huge infrastructure is required to manage and administer in long-run. In this way, acquired technology takes less time than developed (Giudice, 2011). Both internal and external technologies create issue of technical know-how in implementation. The effective implementation of both types of technologies in school is quite dependent over the users such as students, teachers and managers etc. In addition, both are required extensive financial resources to develop, manage and acquire the technology and create considerable implementation issues (Nicolai & Robertson, 2000). You can also avail innovative technology case study analysis assignment help from our US, UK and Australia experts.

Evaluation of Developed Technology For evaluating the developed technology, factors such as process efficiency, maturity, safety etc can be considered as it enables to determine the efficient use of resources. In addition, evaluators must also examine design of particular innovative technology as it helps to determine the changes that are expected from this. The influence of developed technology over the teaching and learning must also be determined for evaluating it. At the same time, the evaluation of developed technology must be based over needs of education, settings, goals, application of technology and expected outcomes (Giudice, 2011). By considering above factors, evaluators can be enabled to determine the performance of each element that is employed to develop and implement technology in schools.

Evaluation of Acquire Technology At initial level, evaluators must identify the achievement of such motives that are existed behind technological acquisition. This can provide an effective base to the evaluation of acquired technology. Implementation of an acquired technology significantly influences the staff procedures and practices and that must be appraised by the evaluator. It can help to determine the adaptation level of acquired technology in school. In addition, security related aspects in this acquired innovative social networking technology must also be determined by evaluator (Tidd, Bessant & Pavitt, 2005). Data security is important concern for students, teachers and management and it is because it must also be determined to evaluate technology efficiency.

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