Performance Management Application Assignment Help

Performance Management Application Assignment Help

Performance management is essential to improve the performance of an employee, a department and an organization.

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Performance management is a process in which managers set objectives for the employees, periodically evaluates their performance and reward them according to the accomplishment of goals. Employees’ performance is measured against their objectives and those meet their objectives are rewarded by praise, salary increase, financial compensation, promotions, gifts, etc.


Performance management is used by the firms to collect feedback from the employees on their achievement, point out the weakness in their department or team and motivate them to perform well. Providing incentives, financial compensation and extra benefits are related to the motivation of employees. They motivate employees to achieve the objectives and collect more reward through performing well. The main aim of the performance management is to motivate the employees and improve corporate performance. Performance management is effective to motivate and encourage me to work in an effective manner. I am the supervisor of a manufacture company and my company applies the performance management to improve overall performance. Management of company sets the objective for each employee and evaluates the performance of employees on the basis of their objective accomplishment.


Management provides incentives and other financial benefits to employees who achieve their objectives. It encourages me to collect more reward or incentives and motivates me to perform well or achieve objective of my team. I am focused on creating good working environment in which team members perform at their maximum potential. Employees also focus on achieving their individual objectives that improve the performance of them and play an important role to achieve the objectives of team. It helps me to be more rewarding and motivated to achieve the overall objective of my firm.


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