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Value Proposition Marketing Assignment Help Concept of Value Proposition Value proposition of the firm is mainly depend on the reason, which position the ways through which the product of

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the firm satisfies the needs and demands of the target customers. On the other hand, it can be defined as the unique added value, which is offered by the organizations to their customers through products and services in return of the money paid by them (Barnes, 2009, p. 21). Apart from this marketing assignment help, in marketing field, the idea of value proposition can be explored as the summary of whole advantages, which a company promises to offer its customers as per their satisfaction and demand (Dooms, 2011. p. 301).

Importance of Developing an Effective Value Proposition Developing an effective value proposition is imperative for the business organizations to differentiate the products and services from the competitors and offer unique features to the customers, so that they will receive unique benefits of in term of price paid by them (Barnes, 2009, p. 23). It also facilitates the business organizations to communicate the customers about the additional and unique features offered by them as per the cost of the products and services. It is also helpful to discover the strengths and weakness of the firm, to analyze the perceived risk and motivation factors through which company can produce much better products.

A Simple Value Proposition for a Product or Service For an online movie rental store, a value proposition can be an effective online business model. Through internet facility, movie rental services can be offered to the customers 24*7 hours as per their request. This online business model provides regular updates to the customers about new arrivals, so that they can use them as quick as possible (Hardy, 2005; Dooms, 2011. p. 301, p. 303). It is an easy, cost saving and time saving process to get movies through internet business. In order to add economic value, the minimum cost can be offered over site along with different discount offers. This can be promoted through specifying the quality, graphics and length of movies and giving quick feedbacks on customer’s queries (Barnes, 2009, p. 33.). References Barnes, C. (2009). Creating and Delivering Your Value Proposition: Managing Customer Experience for Profit.

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