Seven lessons of life for International Students in Australia from Steve Jobs

Seven lessons of life for International Students in Australia from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a person whom there are lot of lessons to learn from in a student life. His professional life walks through the development of ads, technologies, and media, which promotes students towards innovation, and creation of an obsessive culture of perfection(Weikum, et al., 2016). His life is an inspirational well as mysterious for all. As per assignment help experts, Below are the seven lessons of life for International Students in Australia to be successful from Steve Jobs:

  1. Focus

Job was a much focussed person which was a major trait of his personality. His life teach students to be focussed at what they work and avoid all the distractions in order to get success. Problems will come sometimes these may be in family or sometimes, health issues, but the only thing is not to change one’s laser like focus on the goals.

  1. Push for perfection

Job was a type of person who used to finish his all works with perfection. After the creation of his products, many times he was not fully satisfied after testing some of them and therefore redesigned those products (Watt, 2016). It teaches the students to do perfectly whatever they do even if it is time consuming and needs harder work.

  1. Do what you love

Steve Jobs narrated this philosophy in many of his speeches. If a person is not happy with what he is doing, the results are poorer and his efforts make no sense. Therefore, a person should always do what he loves.

  1. Don’t waste time

Job always used to say that time is precious and do not waste it. Only death has the right to cease one’s time. Every person should listen to his inner voice and should not let others’ opinions to dominate his inner voice

  1. Stay hungry and foolish

The lessons from Job’s life teach students that they should never be satisfied in their life and be curious to learn new things every day (Weikum, et al., 2016). A person should act as foolish as he does not know things perfectly.

  1. Taking Responsibility

According to Job, if a person wants to become successful, he should be willing to accept mistakes and resolve them. Responsibilities make the person mature and hard worker.

  1. Courage and Persistence

Steve Jobs’ utmost successes came after he was removed from his own company. A person should be persistent and courageous throughout his life for his passion.  References Watt, P., (2016) The rise of the ‘dropout entrepreneur’: dropping out,‘self-reliance’and the American myth of entrepreneurial success. Culture and Organization22(1), pp.20-43. Weikum, G., Hoffart, J. and Suchanek, F.M., (2016) Ten Years of Knowledge Harvesting: Lessons and Challenges. IEEE Data Eng. Bull.39(3), pp.41-50.

Seven Ways to Earn Income while studying in Australia

Seven Ways to Earn Income while studying in Australia If you are going aborad, finance is always an important factor. You must be coming across questions “How much can a student earn in Autralia” and “will it be possible to work along with my studies”. “Earn while you learn” is the emerging concept in Australia, due to a high number of enrollments in different colleges or universities for various streams. Australia becomes the favorite destination and education hub in the world for international students.

There are many employment options for the students to work and study in Australia are as follows: 1) Tutoring: The students can provide tuitions to the students according to their level of interest and expertise in subjects. The student has good Scholarship Aptitude Score (SAT) score helps to teach those students who are looking for SAT preparation assistance (Theguardian, 2017). Moreover, the student can teach the language (English) and other skills training according to their level of expertise and earn good money. 2) Part Time Jobs: There are many part time jobs available for the students like they can work in their college or universities libraries.

The student can work in their administration department for few hours on a contract basis. Moreover, they can choose their area of interest like fitness trainer and yoga instructor is the good alternative for the students for part-time work (Goabroad, 2017). 3) Seasonal Work: The students can earn more in seasonal jobs like summer internships or seasonal works. The students can work in the restaurants, catering companies, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, summer camps and retail shops.

In summer seasons the demand of the work is more and the student can gain the experience and earn the money easily in these works. 4) Home based jobs: Freelancer is also the good option for the students to earn money. The student can make accounts on various genuine websites and work according to their area of interest or skills (AIF, 2017).

For e.g. Content writing/copywriting/blogging services is the good alternative for the students to earn money if they have the good writing skills. 5) Babysitting This is also a good option for the student to babysit for the particular family and earn money, especially on weekends. In foreign culture, couples are looking for the trusted babysitters who take care of their children after schools if the parents are not available. 6) Promotional activities The student can work for the companies who involved in marketing, promotions, and events for the different companies (Hotcoursesabroad, 2017).

The student can work for the marketing companies as they looking for the volunteers to help them out at events that they organize all over the country. 7) Art or Musical classes: The student can earn around $70 an hour if they are good in musical instruments like guitar, piano, flute and drums (Kaplan, 2017). References AIF (2017) 7 Ways to Earn a Good Income as a Personal Trainer.[Online].

10 Interviews Question for Future Job Interviews

This article contains various questions relating to interview that could help students to prepare for future job interviews. Interview is a type of face-to-face conversation between two parties i.e. interviewer and interviewee.  As per our assignment help experts, Interview is conducted for judging the mentalwidtintelligence level and different skills required for the concerned job. With the help of interview, an interviewer can find the most appropriate candidate for the job.


Q1.If you did not check your emails for a one day and it has 1000 unread emails and you have to answer of only 200 mails out of total mails than how would you choose emails to answer. First, I will sort all the mail according to their categories and subjects. After categorising them, I will prefer to reply first official emails and so on.


Q2. After finishing your interview, suddenly you receive the email regarding winning the lottery ticket of $10 million. What will you do? I will keep that lottery ticket and carry on further with my job.


Q3.You are provided an elephant and you do not have any option of either taking away or selling it. Then, what you will do with that elephant? I will keep that elephant in a showcase as a showpiece.


Q4.You are required to ask a question regarding the job. What would be that question? I would like to ask that where would be my career in the next five years if I will join your company.


Q5.How many stairs are there in this office? There are approximately 15 stairs in the office


Q6.Can you please jump from this window? Yes, I can jump from the window.


Q7.Can you tell me the name of three consecutive days of the week without applying the words Wednesday, Friday and Sunday? Yes, yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Q8.If I am selected you for this job and you are required to make three promises immediately than what would be the three promises made by you? First promise that I would like to make that I would stay loyal to the company and helps in maintaining the confidentiality of the company. Second promise I would like to make is I always work to maintain the dignity of the company. Third promise is that I will remain abide the rules and regulations of the company while working.


Q9.What is the most interesting thing in your resume that makes us go ahead it? Effective compatibilities mentioned in my resume will make the interviewer to go through it.



Q10.Would you like to give any kind of suggestions to your previous boss. If yes, then what is it? Yes, the manager is required to change his management style and his attitude towards the employees. He should try to make friendly environment among the employees. From the above report, it can be analyzed that interview is a type of oral examination of candidate seeking for the job and one shall be ready for all kind of questions. In interview, various types of questions are asked which are directly related to the logical level and state of presence of mind of the candidate. if you still have  any query then you can contact with our University Business assignment help expert and our experts would be very to solve your any query.

Higher education in Australia, UK and USA

Higher education in Australia, UK and USA

This article discusses about the higher education system in three different countries UK, USA, and Australia. Along with this our assignment help experts includes the suggestion about the preferable country based on the analysis.

Higher education in the UK:

The higher education system of the UK is famous and reputed across the world. The universities and colleges play effective roles in governmental policies and work effectively along with the scientists and artists. The universities and colleges in the UK assure that the quality education improves their reputation. Almost four universities among top six universities around the world are in the UK (British Council, 2017). Apart from this, more than three-quarters of the research in the UK are rated excellent internationally. Along with this, the universities and colleges in the UK mostly focus on the excellent facilities for the students at their campuses such as libraries, computer lab, theatre, studio, and others (UWN, 2015). From a research, it is found that around 88% students are satisfied with the education system and course materials to be provided in UK universities. In the UK, about 7.5% students every year drop out their study. While, UK higher education system provides the bachelor courses duration of three years only (Bedi, 2016). There is Quality Assurance Agency in the UK that regulates and ensures the quality of education in Universities.  The universities and colleges meet the academic standards of UK that are internationally followed.

Higher education in Australia:

Australia is also known as the education hub for the international students. The National Regulatory and Quality Agency regulates the higher education system in Australia and assures the great quality of education. The law of the Australia provides rights to the students such as well-being and caring for the students coming from oversea, quality of education to the students, and updated and accurate information to the students (Australian Government, 2017). A number of universities are in Australia provides a large number of courses. Universities in Australia also focus on the facilities at campuses for the students. Australia also provides the bachelor degree to the students after completing three years course. The study in Australia is more economical in comparison to UK and USA. The Australia has top-rated universities in the world. It has 19 universities out of 400 universities from the world (Australian Government, 2017).

Higher education in the USA:

The education system of the USA is a kind of open system. The universities and colleges give the admission to the students achieved minimum age criteria of 18 years (Just Landed, 2017). It has a large number of colleges in comparison to other countries. At the same time, in the USA, almost 30% students drop out their study every year. The USA has the highest number of universities and colleges over the world. The students can earn a bachelor degree in four years course. First two years, students are provided with varied subject knowledge and last two years they are provided education in the specialized subject (International Student, 2017). At the same time, the fee structure for study in the USA varies from course to course and university to university and college to college.


Comparison between USA, UK, and Australia is given in below table:

Components USA UK Australia
Fees for bachelor course USD15000 (Bedi, 2016) £8,000-£15,000 per year AUD 15,000 to AUD 33,000 per year
Employment opportunity Lower Higher Higher
Graduation rate 30% drop out every year 7.5% drop out every year About 10 to 15% every year
Universities and colleges ranking in top 50 Universities 18th position 10th Position 14th position
Style of education English, lecture and small tutorials English, lectures, groups study, debates and others (UCAS, 2017) English, combined study
Easy of entry Restricted Easy Easy
Safety Partially safe and partially higher crime rate Partially safe and partially higher crime rate Highly safe
Value of Money Less expensive to study in the USA More expensive to study in the UK Less expensive  study in the Australia
International student enrollment  17,500,000 (International Students, 2017)  2,200,000 712,884 (DET, 2017)
Length of course BE: 4 ME: 2 PhD: 5 to 7 year BE: 3 ME: 1 PhD: 3 year BE: 3 ME: 2 PhD: 3 year


Based on the above analysis by our Australia university case study assignment help experts, it can be said that the UK is most preferable country over the world for higher education among the internationals students.

How do I write a legal essay

Writing legal essay is normally part of the law curriculum and this page provides guidelines to the students when they seek How do I write a legal essay.

Go through the Assignment Carefully:

Prompt stands for set of instructions provided to the students by their supervisor. The law students and scholars should carefully follow the set of instructions being given by their supervisor. Get assignment help ideas, writing essays, and more from an Assignment Help Tutors online. This will help to complete the legal essay in effective manner. A well written essay report should be handed over according to needs of the prompt to the supervisor or tutor.


Useful Material should be Read:

It is quite important for the students to get the knowledge of topic of legal essay by reading carefully different relevant materials. This should be done to ensure the complete understanding on a particular topic. Assigned material or useful piece of information plays a vital role for smooth preparation of the legal essay. Other useful details could be collected through internet browsing. The basic mantra is more you read about the topic on which you want to write essay; more you can answer this query that how do I write a legal essay.

Innovative Thoughts:

The innovative ideas should be analyzed beforehand and prominence of the ideas in mind. The ideas and thoughts should be put into a layout to ensure of reduction of risk of failure. Legal laws should be thoroughly discussed and debated from the lectures, public readings and in elaboration of essay. This is a better option to get new and helpful ideas from internet sources. Ideas of legal laws should be consecutively repeated to ensure getting views on it.

Identification of the Materials Essential:

Restrictions on the use of internet, not able to make out with the quality and quantity of the secondary and primary resources sometimes exist in many cases. Over this, synopsis of the tertiary activities is also not provided. All the guidelines should be followed to manage the essay with the restricted amount of resources.

Debate in Favor and Against the Topic:

The students should make fluctuating ideas and points in the favor and against of essay topic to assist the readers to develop intelligence on the topic more professionally. Therefore, a good introduction to the topic is necessary to get aware of it. Good introduction is a good resource for readers to get attracted towards some report.

Theory should be written:

Arguments are the theories, which provide base on the subject of debating. This should be done with the frequent use of ‘because’ after every phrased statement. Furthermore, the exclusionary rule provides proper judicial rights by getting in the way of criminals and prosecutors, which is a basic right.

Formation of an Outline:

Basically, every student should design an outline of the topics or headings/subheadings to be covered within the essay. The students should also make sure that these points are interlinked with the argument presented. Overall, the flow of discussion within the essay should be consistent and justifiable.

Give a Drawback:

The writers or students should briefly highlight the points and arguments made in the essay. It should be mound in such a way so that it could give some hint about its main motive. Land up with a great work on your skills and brushed knowledge to strengthen your theory more willingly. We hope that you found some useful tips for how do I write a legal essay. Get professional essay writing help? Get help writing essays from our Assignment Help Experts.

How to write an introduction to an assignment

Useful tips for writing an introduction to an assignment Introduction is very important part of an assignment which reflects an overall idea about the topic and purpose of writing. The quality of whole assignment depends on the structure of an introduction. An effective introduction is helpful in creating more interest in readers to go through the whole assignment help.

Some of the useful tips for writing an effective introduction are as follows:

Start with a creative statement in context to background of topic: Always start an introduction by explaining the background or related information about the topic. It can be written in own words or with the help of any statement written by an author on that particular topic. Starting statement should be creative so that it can grab the attention of readers.



Give a general idea about the topic: This part of the introduction includes what the topic is all about and a general description on the topic. General idea is helpful for readers to understand what is going on in the assignment and how it is related to outer environment. An introduction should include purpose of writing help: The aim or purpose of the topic is a core part of an introduction. A purpose should reflect the reason behind writing the whole assignment and critical factors related to the topic. The aim should be written in simple terms so that it can be easily understood by the readers.

Meaning of critical terms useful in the assignment: Sometimes an assignment includes very complex terms that are difficult to understand. So, it is very helpful to define the complex terms in the introduction part of the assignment.

The ending should be specific including the structure of an assignment: Ending part of the introduction should include the outline of whole assignment. An outline should represent main points and issues which are covered in the assignment experts. Ensure that ending part also describes the scope of the topic.

Don’t make it lengthy and try to complete it in brief: Size of the introduction will be determined by the topic and structure of the assignment. Generally, all type of work requires that introduction should be 10% of the total size of the assignment. Always try to complete the introduction in one or two paragraphs in brief and don’t try to exaggerate. Remember that title of the assignment should not be repeated over again.

10 time management tips for students to finish assignments on time

The key to academic success is time management. Some students learn it early others after some time. With a number of subjects to keep track of, it becomes necessary to adhere to proper planning. This helps in maintaining balance and eventually better grades. Here we are providing 10 time management tips for students to finish assignments on time-


  1. Set Priorities– with a number of assignment tasks to be done at once, it is better to prioritize beforehand. Keep difficult and time consuming subject on the top of your list and then arrange accordingly. Make schedules for the entire week and then stick to it.
  2. Choose the Best Time– some people like to study at night others like it early morning. Decide for yourself when it would be best to write assignments.
  3. Set Time Limits– when you sit down for work, keep a watch or a table clock to schedule your tasks. Try as hard as you can to complete a task in allotted time. This will keep you fast and will not allow your mind to get side-tracked.
  4. Avoid Procrastination– do not leave any task on tomorrow. Try to complete the assignment on the day it is given. Stick to your study schedule.
  5. Use Free Time– utilize the time gaps that you get such as a vacant period, commuting in the bus etc. to review your work. This practice will keep you ahead of schedule.
  6. Avoiding Commitments– it is better to cancel the family gatherings or parties if they might affect your studies. Make a habit of prioritizing your studies first. All other things can be postponed for later.
  7. Take Help From Resources– if you are finding it hard to solve the assignments, instead of brooding on them take assignment help from your teachers or look for the answers online. Don’t waste time over one thing. This will do nothing other than wasting your time.
  8. Divide your Work– project tasks or case studies that are likely to take time should be divided into small parts that are manageable.
  9. Learn to Concentrate– when you are working at something do it with your full dedication and focus. Try to keep within time limits. This will not let your mind wander.
  10. Remain stress free keep your mind free of any stress or worries. Eat healthy and sleep well. These things are necessary to keep your mind alert and sharp.

Top Reasons to Study in the Melbourne

Melbourne is considered as one of the best destination in the world. For the Students, it is the second best city in the world. ‘If you are planning to go abroad for higher studies, you can go to Melbourne’. After reading this statement, the question comes to your mind…Why.



  So, here we are giving you some top reasons to study in the Melbourne.


  1. 1.Best Universities/ Colleges are available For quality education, a student is required to take admission in best colleges or universities. Some of the World’s Best universities are located in the Melbourne. They are offering a perfect course for you. University of Melbourne is having more than 270 courses for students.
  2. 2. Excellent Professors & Faculties Professors & faculties teaching in best universities or colleges are simply excellent. All of them possess great knowledge, years of experience, excellent teaching skills and aptitude. They are well versed in teaching to the students from diverse background.
  3. 3. One of the World’s most multicultural place City is having a great culture. Students move there are always welcomed by the local people. They don’t face any kind of discrimination on the basis of color, creed or sex. Professors, other students, local people treat worldwide students equally. So, it will be easy for them to pursue their studies there.
  4. 4. Students from various countries Melbourne is like an education hub. Every year many students reach there from all over the world. So you have the opportunity to meet people of various countries. Some of them may become your good friends also. These friends may help you in your near future.
  5. 5. Food & Drinks When students moved to some other city or country, first thing they want is their country food. It not only fills their stomach but gives them satisfaction too. You can easily find the restaurants or cafes of your choice in Melbourne. Italian, Continental, Mexican, and Indian every kind of food is available. Restaurant offers you a tasty and hygienic food and makes you feel like home. In drinks, best coffees are available which relax your mind between your studies.
  6. 6. Sports Some of the students are sports lovers. With their studies, they would like to play their favorite sport too. Universities & colleges in Melbourne are very keen for the sports. They want to make their students all rounder. So, even they insist you to choose the sport of your choice and start learning it.
  7. 7. Nice & Pleasing Weather Melbourne has temperamental weather. If it rains, it is not for long, summers are always beautiful and winters are cool. A good and pleasing weather is must to learn something. It keeps your mind cool and affects your mood too. So, students can have better studies in Melbourne.

8. Tourist Destinations As stated, Melbourne is one of the best tourist places in the world. It has no. of places to see for the visitors, students and localities. On weekends, students can go with their friends to explore different tourist places. Having fun with friend’s keeps students happy. And they can concentrate on their studies well. I hope this article helps you! Searching for assignment help in Melbourne.

packing tips for international students before leaving for studying in Australia

Australia is a promising destination for students from all over the world. Every year thousands of students head for this country to pursue higher education. If you have got your passport and visa ready this article will help you in packing your bags,  so that you have everything you need when you land in this beautiful country.


  1. Sunscreen– the temperature in Australia can get pretty higher. As you must be aware there is a hole in the ozone layer over Australian continent, it does not take more than half an hour to get sun burnt if you are not wearing sunscreen. Even when it is not very bright outside, it will protect from harmful UV rays
  2. .Flip-Flops – thongs or flip-flops are very comfortable rubber footwear that is very popular with the Australian culture. You don’t have to carry shoes everywhere. Locals prefer them very much and they are considered a part of Australian dress code.

3. Slang Guidebook– the Australian slang is quite baffling. Without a good understanding of slang it can get pretty difficult for you to co-ordinate with locals even if you are good at English speaking. So just download a list of common Australian slangs before you go.

*** Five best things about student life in Melbourne *** *** Top reasons to study in the melbourne ***

4. Power Adapter– Australian sockets are similar to American ones. So if you are carrying electronic devices such as laptops and phones, don’t forget to pack suitable adapters. The voltage supply in Australia is between 220V to 240V, so your adapter should be compatible with that.

5. Woolens– Australia is generally warm over the year but from June to August the weather gets cold. In the lower half of the country, it might even snow. So don’t leave behind your jacket and woolens when you pack for Australia.

6. Insect Repellants– the tropical climate of Australia is the cause of an alarming population of insects. It is very necessary to carry mosquito repellant sprays and creams if you don’t want to waste your precious time in hospitals. It is even better to carry mosquito net with you for full proof protection.

7. Home Recipes– eating food outdoor in restaurants regularly will blow your budget only in a few weeks. It is best to cook at your own place. The quality of groceries is excellent and they are very affordable. So carry your favorite recipes and stay connected with your culture.

8. Swimwear– with the scorching climate all the year round, you will find most of your classmates going frequently to local beaches or pools. So it is wise to carry some swim wears as you will immediately feel tempted towards the beautiful beaches once you get there. Australia has a lot of amazing geographical locations. Even when you would be spending most of your time in your studies, spare time to explore its beautiful features as you might not get a second chance to visit this beautiful country.

tips to overcome challenges while studying

Australia is a dream destination for international students. Although the country is very amiable to students coming from foreign nationalities, you might encounter a few problems. Here we are providing seven tips to overcome challenges while studying in Australia.

1. New language– it is not rare for even an English speaker to get baffled by the slang that forms a major part of the conversation of locals. It is best to learn the new words within the few initial weeks when you get there as during this time you might not have to deal with the academic coursework.


2. Finance management– Australia is a costly affair. Cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are the top contenders in the list of world’s costliest places. It is best to plan your budget well in advance keeping in consideration the price of daily commodities, so that you won’t face any unexpected expense.

Read More:- Top reasons to study in the melbourne Five best things about student life in Melbourne packing tips for international students before leaving for studying in Australia

3. Job search– with only 20 hours per week allowed on the student visa it might get difficult at first to find a part time job. Have patience and keep trying during the time you get after the college hours. Talk to the local students and they will help you in finding the best option for you.

4. Food– the Australian food might be a lot different than your native place. So it is best to learn a few native recipes and try your hand at them whenever you are bored out of the hostel food. Learning to cook will also help you in maintaining your budget if you are living in a rented apartment.

5. Australian laws– Australian laws are quite strict regarding rash driving, drunk driving, working more than the permitted number of hours and attendance at the college. If students are found violating these rules they are often deported. So keep yourself from falling in such situations.

6. Academics– the university curriculum might turn out a lot different than what you expected. The class lectures are a lot interactive. Professors might question you in front of the entire class. So, pay attention to every word told and ask anything you miss out at the end of the class. Take help with the local students over homework and exam preparations.

7. Culture– the Australian culture might be a lot distinct from the one you are accustomed to. Do not let this disparage yourself. Try to mingle with the natives. This will help a lot in the long run. Get Free Assignment Samples for all subjects like Business, Case Study, Marketing, Nursing, Finance, Accounting, Law and Essay Writing Help. High Quality Assignment Experts